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Successful Social Media Campaign Tips

Successful Social Media Campaign Tips

Successful Social Media Campaign Tips

When you start a social media campaign, your aim is to achieve success and a high Return on Investment (ROI). In any campaign, you will have a pre-determined target and conditions that determine your success. These should identify what to achieve from the campaign and determine how to measure achievement or the ROI. Examples of what you would like to achieve in your campaign are:

  1. Create more sales through the campaign.
  2. Create more traffic to your website.
  3. Achieve brand Awareness through increased shares and likes.

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These are just some examples, and you should set the goals or your marketing objectives based on the results you would like to achieve. Do you want more people to call to view your listed property? Do you want more people following your blog so that they think of you next time they need a Real Estate Agent?

Here is a complete guide to Real Estate Marketing from the App Institute you might want to check out before you plan your social media campaign.
Guide to Real Estate Marketing

Here are some tips that will help you achieve success in Social Media Marketing.

Track Your Campaign

Every social media platform will have a way of measuring how the campaign is performing. These are called metrics. Examples of methods to use to measure success include the number of likes in your campaign, the number of views on your YouTube channel, and the number of Click through Rates to your website.

Every REALTOR® needs to track their social media campaign performance and use the information to make changes or improve to reach their goals. Social media campaigns are ongoing work and thus need ongoing monitoring. Let’s say you realize that your campaign is getting more views, clicks, and shares from certain geographical areas., then you would want to see if that traffic is desirable, and if it is, then do more to target those regions. If you realize that you have no shares or likes, this would be a call for improvement in your adverts. Measuring of results should begin at least after one month of the campaign. Your analysis should always be based on the predetermined goals and objectives.

Always Add a “Call To Action” Button

Many Social Media Campaigns fail because they lack a ‘call to action’ message. An example of a Call to Action is “Click Here to View”, “Buy Now”, “Call Us Today” and many others depending on the goals. If you put a very good advertisement but fail to tell your clients what you want them to do, you might not achieve the results you desire. Therefore, you should influence reaction by suggesting to the audience what they should do. Having said that, if you realize that your Real Estate Campaign is not achieving desired goals, consider improving on your Call to Action message.

Consider Targeting

The good thing with social media marketing is that you can determine the specific audience you would like to target.Remember that just because you put out a campaign and you received several shares or likes, doesn’t mean that you will get an increased percentage of sales. This is because not everyone who clicked is a potential client. You increase your chances by targeting a predetermined group of people. This would be a certain social class, the certain age group who you know is about to buy property or maybe a certain area because you have seen increased sales in the last few days. Social media marketing gives REALTORS® the ability to target based on time of the month, geographical location, and even demographic factors. Therefore, instead of going for a general campaign, targeting would be a better strategy.

Test Runs Are Allowed in Social Media

The good thing about social media marketing is that you will have an opportunity to run a pilot campaign before rolling out the main campaign. This allows you to test different Ad designs, targeting options and even the Call to Action. So instead of running a campaign for a month, you can run it for a week or two weeks and re-strategize based on the effectiveness of your campaign. You can also start with a low budget and increase it as desired or pause your campaign at any time. A/B testing is also available. You can put out several ads all under the same budget cap and see which ads perform best. Make sure to look at the correct metrics in determining which ad is most successful. Getting more clicks is only good if those clicks lead to the actions you want from your audience, meaning the clicks are converting.

Always Remember It is Social Media

After setting up property campaigns, don’t push it to the audience too hard. Finding a social way to sell can prove more successful at times. Consider if your ad can be inspiring, funny, or uses eye-catching images, People who are using social media want to interact and have fun.

You are more likely to benefit from the free social media sharing by creating a popular ad that doesn’t look and feel like an ad to the audience.

Make Use of Social Media Links across All Digital Adverts

In your general digital adverts, place the social media buttons with active links. This will enable those who see your adverts as they browse the internet to share them through social media, and therefore, this will enhance your social media campaigns. Digital media advertisement includes both SMM (Social Media Marketing) with social paid advertising, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), with paid search engine traffic. Adding links like “click to share”, “click to tweet” can help to gain some free social media traffic from your paid adverts.

Beef Up Your Graphic Design Skills

Your designs should be compelling and attractive to your audience. Consider image advancements before posting them on your campaign. If you post dull images on your campaigns, clicks will be low because the image is not attractive. Using a professional photographer for the property listing will ensure quality images. Some Real Estate Agents have used Virtual Home Staging to attract the potential buyers, which uses real photos of the rooms in the property and virtually stages them with attractive furnishings. Promotional adverts for your services as a Real Estate Agent will need attractive and unique images. You can hire a graphics designer or try free software to do graphic design. You can hire someone to do the graphics design for a single ad or for several ads at a fixed or hourly budget.

Practice Social Media Advertising Consistency

Even if your ads do not generate sales in the first few weeks, you should not give up. Consistency shows that you mean it and are serious about it. Therefore, don’t be moved by negative response during the initial campaign days. What you should consider doing is keep improving your adverts, small changes to text or images can be done. If the ads continue to perform poorly, there are a few things you can try. Test your ads out on different social media platforms, alter your targeted audience, and adjusting your budget or bid amount are all options.

All these tips will heavily rely on your objectives and goals. That is why you should have predetermined goals before starting any social media campaigns. Always remember that results might not show immediately, and you should make use of analytics metrics overtime to determine your progress. Lastly, social media operates in a casual environment, don’t push it too hard.

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