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Key Benefits

  • Increase your referral business
  • Network of 100’s of quality REALTORS®
  • Convenient & effective referral system
  • Exclusive Trading Area
  • Flat Membership Fee
  • Members Only Discounts on popular services such as Top Producer
  • Membership Screening to ensure quality of Network

What is Included?

  • Personal backend to track referrals
  • Profile searchable by REALTORS® & public
  • Lead and referral generation
  • No cost to send & receive referrals

What do we do for you?

  • We constantly are working on increasing the awareness of the referral group
  • We are continually expanding the network across the country and beyond
  • We have members only discounts on popular products and services that can save you tons of money
  • We hold firm on approving only the best REALTORS® to be part of the network to maintain quality
  • We advertise across the internet to generate referrals and leads for our members
  • We update and improve the website continuously using member’s feedback to drive change
  • We will add any subareas or townships that are in your trading area to your profile for no extra cost. The area cannot be a listed trading area or belong to another member. The subareas are searchable by keyword and are SEO friendly.

Why refer within a network?

  • Develop & strengthen business relationships
  • Instant visibility & reputation with 100’s of members across the country
  • Adhere to give & take relationship to strengthen network
  • Easily find a good quality REALTOR® to send clients to
  • Build & strengthen reputation to gain trust & business

Personal Backend

  • Send & receive referrals quickly with automated forms
  • Referral Dashboard keeps track of all referrals sent & received
  • Easy access to Referral & Lead information
  • Update profile for instant viewing
  • Ability to add additional trading areas

Long Term Success

  • Dedicated team behind the network
  • Ambitious & trustworthy founders, both graduates of MBET from the University of Waterloo
  • Strategic plan to grow network stronger & wider
  • Continuous innovation & improvement