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    Additional trading areas (other areas appearing in the dropdown menu) that the member services can be added at a reduced cost of $200 CAD. These additional areas can be added by logging in, clicking on Update Profile at the top of the page and navigating to Add Trading Area. We can negotiate a lower commission fee for members on Option B that purchase areas, this is done case by case depending on number of areas taken. What's included with membership? A member will get a public profile with all their contact information and website visible to everyone - including the other members of the network. The member will also get an Exclusive Trading Area which is searchable by keyword (by their full name, first name, last name and area), by dropdown selection, and by Map. These profiles are also SEO friendly and can be linked to directly if the member wants to share the profile or post it on their website. The profile also includes a small bio, social media links, a photo, and specializations - all of which can be updated in their member backend. Small townships or subareas of your main trading area that do not appear as a separate trading area can be added onto your profile for no additional charge. These sub areas will be keyword searchable and appear on the member's profile. You can receive unlimited referrals and leads at no cost with your annual membership subscription payment.

The best way to grow our PrimoAgents REALTOR® Referral Network is through our members. If we can have members reach out to their existing connections and let these other REALTORS® know about our website than we are way more likely to attract good quality agents into our group. You know who you have worked with that was a good agent, that you would feel confident sending your clients to. If they fit our criteria, then they would be of benefit to our network.

Criteria includes:

  • Experienced - 5+ years of experience (strict) Approximately 100+ deals
  • Educated - minimum Bachelor's or College Degree or Equivalent Designation
  • Use Social Media and Technology with their Real Estate Business
  • Solid reputation with their board and colleagues
  • Awards and industry ranking in their local market are considered

If a member has 5 successful referred members they will be refunded their main trading area fee cost. If they reach 10 successful referred members their main trading area fee will be continue to be waived so long as all 10 members are active members on the site. If you reach more than 10 successful referrals then the PrimoAgents team will be in contact about what we can offer you.

We guarantee that you get a referral or lead during your membership year or you don't pay your membership fee the following year, provided you send a referral within the network using our forms. This guarantee is done on a per user basis. Here is an example of an agent purchasing multiple areas. Joe buys his main trading area of Kitchener, Ontario. He adds on two additional trading areas of Waterloo East and Waterloo North. If Joe receives at least one referral or lead during the year he will have to pay to renew all his areas. If Joe does not receive any referrals or leads and he sent one out using our referral forms to another PrimoAgent member, then he would be able to renew all 3 areas at no cost. After the second (free) year is over, even if Joe does not receive a referral or lead, he would have to pay to renew his areas for the following year. Let's say Joe had sent out 5 referrals within the group. As long as he received one referral or lead he will have to pay for all areas to renew them. We know that the average real estate commission will still give a great return on investment even paying for multiple areas, so that is why we only guarantee one referral or lead regardless of how many areas a member has claimed. If you believe that the lead(s) or referral(s) you received were not qualified or relevant, please contact to discuss this. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email or call.
Go to Members Login at the very top of the page. Once you have logged in, click on Update Profile now at the very top of the page. Make sure you click on Update after any changes. Make sure to update your Blurb about you and your social media links. If you have difficulty updating information or uploading your image, please send an email to Attach any image you need uploaded.
To secure your trading area! Only one residential and one commercial agent are selected for each trading area - so if you wait you might lose the chance to represent your area. Also, we guarantee a referral or lead as long as you send a referral out through the system - or you don't pay your next year's membership. If you are a Real Estate Agent looking for ways to generate more business, we offer a great and inexpensive way to achieve that. Our network is made up of quality Real Estate Agents across the nation, that are specialized in relocation, and are committed to generating referral business. Once you join the network you will be part of this special group of Real Estate Agents and be able to participate in the exchange of referrals within the network. You will also have a detailed profile that is searchable by other Real Estate Agents outside of the network as well as the general public. You will enjoy the benefits of our reputation instantly, just by being part of a network of quality Real Estate Agents.
A member can check their Referral Dashboard when they log in to the Site and check their referrals sent and received. It is the responsibility of the member to notify PrimoAgents via email to if there are any discrepancies or errors in their Referral Dashboard.
We screen Real Estate Agents with a variety of criteria. Before anything else, any Real Estate Agent that joins our network must be licensed for their area of trade, be a Realtor®, and be in business full time. On a case-by-case basis, we select our members carefully.
We use the following criteria to guide our decision on whether or not to approve an applicant:
  • Experienced in the industry minimum of 5 years
  • Reputable & connected in the industry
  • Committed to providing excellent customer service
  • Uses technology to drive business
  • Owns Smart Phone to receive and respond to emails instantly
  • Utilizes social media tools to promote and grow their business
  • High producer & growing business at least 100 transactions completed
  • Educated: Must have a College or University education
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Friendly & dedicated to clients
  • Specialization in relocation & referrals
  • Satisfies background check: No fines, conviction or complaints with your local board and Real Estate Council
  • Unique qualities & skills
Anyone can send a referral using the website and it is free to do. Any Real Estate Agent that is looking for someone to send their out-of-town clients to can use the website to search for one of our members and send them a Referral form instantly. We send a copy of the form you sent to the email you provide which includes information on the Real Estate Agent for future reference and follow-ups.
It's very easy. You have two options on where to start; you can select Send a Referral from the home page or you can select Search from the home page. Search the area you are looking for a Real Estate Agent in for either Commercial or Residential, or use the keyword search if you know the member's name you are trying to find. Click on the member's picture or name to open their detailed profile. At the bottom of their profile click on the Non-Member button. This will open a referral form with all of the member's information already filled in. You then fill in your information and your client's information and send the form. You will receive a copy of the form in your email.
You should receive a copy of the form you sent to the email address you provided. If you don’t receive a copy, feel free to contact us at with your name and correct email address.
Membership is not open to everyone, but if you are approved as a member there are many benefits, which you can read about by clicking on the Learn More tab.
The key benefits are:
  • Increase your referral business
  • Network of 100’s of quality Realtors®
  • Convenient & effective referral system
  • No charge to send referrals
  • Exclusive trading area with the ability to expand area size
The look and feel is designed in the same fashion as the front-end of the Website. Members log in and will see their Referral Dashboard which gives them quick glance at all of their new and ongoing referrals and leads. In the backend the member can update their profile and upload a new photo. Members can send referrals from the backend as well, so they do not need to ever logout to use the Website services.
We are reviewing your application and if we think you will be a good addition to our network we will accept you as a member. You will then receive an email saying your account has been approved, and can log in to update your profile in the backend. A basic profile will instantly be public and searchable as soon as you are approved. If you are not approved you will be sent an email saying so.
If you are not accepted, please do not take it personally. There could be many reasons why you were not selected. Before anything else, you must meet the basic background check as a full time licensed REALTOR® in your area and a minimum of 5 years of experience. After that, we do our best to screen you based on a criteria we believe helps us to find good members for our network. We are looking for a target group of Realtors® that use technology, including online social media and marketing tools, as a regular part of their business.  We consider awards and ranking in your local market.  We look for a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree for education, or equivalent designations. If you would like to know more about why you were declined or think you do meet our criteria feel free to contact us at and ask. If you do not have enough experience at this point, you may want to apply again in the future or ask us to hold an area if you are close to your 5 year anniversary.