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Marketing Ideas for New Real Estate Agents

Marketing Ideas for New Real Estate Agents

Marketing Ideas for New Real Estate Agents


Due to rapid digitization and technological advancement, the real estate industry has undergone significant evolution and transformation over the last decade. Moreover, the past couple of years accelerated the situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic and resulted in an enhanced and digitized working model of all real estate tasks. 


The advent of advanced real estate online marketing tools has made the real estate buying process more convenient and swift. If you’re a new agent in this rapidly evolving industry, you’ll need knowledge and access to the most innovative and effective online marketing strategies to keep up with competitors and make an impression. 


Take no worries, as this guide will give you in-depth insight into the most effective marketing ideas that will help you climb the ladder of success in this industry in 2022. So, let’s get started. 

1. Get started by creating an excellent real estate website

A significant aspect of your real estate marketing idea is a well-designed website. As a new real estate agent, a website will help you reap the benefits of generating quality leads, establishing awareness, enhancing credibility, and acquiring complete control over the information you publish or share. 


Although creating a website may seem costly, it’s nothing compared to what you’ll earn through the following year. It’s best to consider the website a part of your investment, which undoubtedly will yield higher returns. You can get in touch with the best website developer to execute this idea. 

2. Generate leads by offering home valuation 

After creating a website, add a home valuation landing page so that homeowners can visit the page to estimate how much value they can get for their property without any charges. To avail of this information, you can ask for the user’s contact details in exchange. 


You can create two types of landing pages for home valuation – delayed valuation and instant valuation. To create an instant valuation landing page, you’ll need a dedicated website developer who has the expertise to use existing tools like Real geeks or create a custom tool for integrating the landing page into the website. 


For delayed evaluation, you’ll have to work a little extra and evaluate the property to get an estimate. As a new agent, you can try out both these methods to determine which one yields better results. However, if you’re on a tight budget and work schedule, go with the instant valuation landing page. 

3. Engage in producing and sharing high-quality, unique content 

The real estate target audience always comes across one or another advertisement and clever taglines. It has led to a decrease in their tolerance. If the content is not attractive, helpful, or engaging, it won’t show any interest. Thus, as a new real estate agent, you should leverage content marketing to establish trust and convert engagement into a revenue stream. By sharing helpful content, you’ll stand as an authoritative figure.


So, it’s best to engage in sharing high-quality content like blog posts, webinars, podcasts, e-books, and infographics to let the audience know about your expertise in the industry despite being a newcomer. However, if all these marketing operations seem a little hectic for your work schedule, you can outsource the work to a content marketing team. 

4. Take advantage of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing for the real estate industry is all about technology, content, and collaboration. Suppose you have started to post excellent content on your website. In that case, it’s probably time for you to collaborate with an influencer to take the next step for extending your online reach and getting more success via social media campaigns. 


For instance, if you want to get the attention of the millennial buyers, collaborate with an influencer having a millennial-based following on social media and ask them to share your blog posts. To connect with influencers for further collaboration, you can use influencer marketing tools like Upfluence or Tapinfluence.

5. Dive into the pool of benefits from video marketing

As more and more people have shifted their preference to consume information via videos, video marketing has become increasingly important. As per the stats from Business 2 Community, over 1200% of social shares come from videos rather than image or text posts. 


Moreover, the outburst of the global pandemic has led several real estate agents to use real estate video marketing tool for creating video content to get the attention of potential buyers. 


You can start creating various types of video content. For instance, you can enable virtual open home visits by conducting AR/VR virtual tours by utilizing services like Matterport or Google Tango. You can live stream auctions, discuss the property market with some local experts on the video, show off the property neighborhood, or give home buyers tips and advice. 

6. Focus on digital marketing

Despite having a busy schedule, several people choose to explore real estate listings over the internet to find something that fits their requirements. With the internet, people get access to a wide range of real estate portals. They can use one of the portals to shortlist appropriate properties based on accommodation, budget, and so on. 


So, if you listen to other real estate agents and rely on cold calling, local bulletin board ads, or hanging up flyers, you’ll be missing out on a large group of potential buyers present on the internet. That’s why focusing on digital marketing has become much more effective than conventional marketing methods in today’s digital era. Moreover, as a new real estate agent, you’ll find this real estate online marketing option much more cost-friendly. 

7. Leverage social media platforms 

Social media platforms have become an excellent tool for individuals who want to purchase a real estate property. Social media has emerged as a perfect way to connect with potential buyers for real estate agents. 

The influence of social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter has significantly impacted the real estate industry. Although you can leverage these platforms at low prices, taking out time for such operations can be a hassle. So, outsourcing the social media activities for your website or agency can be a great way to enhance your business exposure. 

Closing thoughts

Although real estate marketing trends and tactics are constantly changing, they will yield significant benefits if you stick with them. As a new real estate agent, it’s best if you give more focus and effort to creating and delivering digital content to establish more and more awareness. 


The best real estate marketing ideas are steered from pensive SEO-optimized content that helps you easily connect with your target audience and boost your online presence via branding and video sharing. So, get the best of these ideas to yield the best results from your marketing efforts. 

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