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Best Social Media Marketing Companies in Canada and U.S.

Best Social Media Marketing Companies in Canada and U.S.

Best Social Media Marketing Companies in Canada and U.S.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) in Canada and in the U.S. continues to grow rapidly, and we have seen several companies opening up offices to keep up with demand. In this guide, we feature the top social media marketing consultants that have shown the highest potential in their services. We refer to the rankings provided by TopSEOs (a Canadian independent authority on search vendors), as can be seen here.



Started in 2009, Boostability is a company that offers affordable social media marketing consultancy services for both small businesses and established firms. The company is located in the U.S. and has satellite offices in Canada, and in the U.K.  In September 2017, the company was featured as the best Social media services provider in Canada according to TopSEOs. Social media marketing services are grouped under the company’s product ‘BOOSTSOCIAL’ which covers the following:

  1. Profile Setup for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  2. Profile Optimization which covers updating your current profiles with the important keywords, optimization and business information
  3. Social Media Metrics to give you the real-time view on how social strategy affects your page views. Your impressions and overall engagement
  4. Facebook Ads to increase your profile traffic and also post engagement with Facebook ads.

To get a clear view of how Boostability can help you visit their website on


VJG Interactive


VJG Interactive is a digital marketing services consultancy that is located in New Jersey and offers state of the art premium marketing solutions that help businesses to achieve excellent results. The company has satellite offices in the United Kingdom, in Canada, and in Australia, and they offer services to small, medium and established firms across the world. The company offers various social media marketing services including;

  1. Creation of social media presence for businesses
  2. Creating and maintaining a growing brand through SMM
  3. Setting of SMM goals and objectives
  4. Converting web users into paying customers

To view the services provided by VJG Interactive, use this URL


Search Engine People


This is a company that was started in 2001 and is located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada and they have grown from a small startup to become Canada`s largest independent award-winning agency. The company was ranked the fifth in the overall rankings featuring the best Social media marketing company and was the best among the Canadian based companies providing social media marketing services in September 2017. Some of the social media marketing services offered by Search Engine

People include the following;

  1. Searching the right social networks for your business to leverage on
  2. Social media content marketing strategy to complement your social media marketing strategy
  3. Paid social media advertising to meet various objectives including brand awareness, and increased targeted traffic to your website
  4. Twitter marketing strategy and much more.

To contact SEP follow the following web address




This is the second Canada based company that featured in the top 10 SEO companies in USA and Canada and was placed at number seven. Based in Toronto, the company was established in 2002 as a brand and marketing agency, and the company has built over 15 years experience in digital brand marketing.   The company can help business owners through the creation of business prosperity by designing a social media strategy that will “evoke emotion” and therefore generate sales for the businesses.

To view the company products and services description, follow the following link


Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the company started from a humble beginning and has grown to rank as top number eight in social media marketing services. The company offers social media marketing services that include;

  1. Customization of social network page creation to meet the specific needs
  2. SMM campaign consultation services and strategies
  3. SMM campaign execution, management, and reporting
  4. Posting of blogs on companies social media pages

To contact the company, you can use the following link to their website and see more services that they offer;




This is a company with a global footprint and the company prides itself on the best digital marketing skills to give the clients the services that they need. The company was ranked number six among the best companies that offer social media marketing services. Some of the services include:

  1. Strategizing the social media campaigns to reach your desired target clients
  2. Profiling your customer’s data so as to be able to know the customer better and be able to target the clients better
  3. Integration of both offline and online channels so as to be able to share learning’s and find opportunities for more growth
  4. Tracking through use of engagement metrics to optimize towards the key indicators

To learn more about their services, you can check their website on


Straight North


Located in Chicago, Straight North is a Search Engine Optimization consultant that offers excellent social media marketing services. Services offered by Straight North include:

  1. Strategic positioning online to make sure that the real estate practice is on relevant social media network and visible to the top rated clients.
  2. Focus on Development of quality content and in line with your desired audience.
  3. Push your social media platform to the top of the search results to increase your visibility.

To get more details on these and many more services from Straight North, you can check on their website on


Ignite Visibility


Based in San Diego, Ignite Visibility offers search engine optimization services and their social media marketing skills are above average. Business owners can benefit from Ignite Visibility skill by seeking the following services.

  1. They teach the basics of social media marketing, so if you are willing to learn this is a great opportunity.
  2. Ignite Visibility offers interactive campaigns and therefore, the social media users can be able to contact you and get real time feedback
  3. Social media management and this covers creation of relevant content and also grow your following on social media through posting of relevant information.

For more information, you can follow the link


Hire Talented Freelancers


Alternatively, you can employ the services of talented freelancers and be able to get similar services provided by these companies at a lower cost. The most popular freelancer platform that you can use is where you will be able to hire the best freelancers at reasonable rates.




When hiring these companies, it is important to work closely with them throughout the social media marketing campaigns. Let them know your marketing objectives and also let them share with you the analytics reports so that you can be able to analyze your progress throughout the campaigns. It is also important that you request to be provided with an account manager who you can work with closely depending on the contract that you sign with the company. Lastly, it is good that you schedule regular meetings with your account manager so that you can get feedback and make changes as needed.

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