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Social Media Networking is used to Increase Leads

Social Media Networking is used to Increase Leads

Social Media Networking is used to Increase Leads

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Social networking allows Real Estate Agents to reach out to potential customers without spending exorbitant amounts of money on print advertising or other forms of advertising. In this article, we feature how Real Estate Agents can use social networking to increase their business. We look at what other Real Estate Agents have done successfully with social media.

1. Focus on Connecting with Current Customers

The first and most important course of action is convincing your current customers to join your network. You can do this through two different approaches. For instance, if you are using Facebook, you can create posts about your business and target existing customers encouraging them to like your business page and subscribe to your newsletter. Encouraging customers to follow you on multiple social platforms will also help ensure you are being seen by them more often.  The advantage of connecting with existing clients on social media is that you keep in touch with them in a very cost efficient and easy way. You also gain exposure to your clients’ own networks of friends when your clients like or engage in one of your posts or pages.

2. Engage your Clients on Social Media

Real Estate Agents need to engage with their clients on social media. For instance, see how Diggs Real Estate Inc. engages their clients after purchasing or selling a home with them. This has the potential of getting them new business from the client’s network. You will realize that most online buyers will be influenced by their networks to purchase from a certain REALTOR®. Ideally, posting images of your clients on their first purchase and mentioning them on social media is a lead generation strategy for Real Estate Agents

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3. Make Use of the Live Feature or Post Videos to Increase Engagements

A great way on how to get more real estate deals through social networking is the live feature on Facebook and Twitter. This also compares to the stories feature on Instagram. For instance, you can go live when handing over a home to a client after a purchase. The whole idea is to capture the interest of potential clients and increase engagements in real time. Ryan Serhant, a successful Real Estate Agent in New York, has been using this on his Instagram and the results have been rewarding.

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4. Make use of Social Listening Tools for Real Estate Agents

Social listening tools are another important social networking strategy for Real Estate Agents. Social listening refers to the process of monitoring digital conversations in order to understand what your customers are saying about your business. A good example is Mentionlytics, a tool used for monitoring social media conversations. Ideally, this lets you target clients who are mentioning you or who have shown interest in particular posts. Whenever prospects mention you online, you will be notified. This lets you take action when there is a high potential for closing the deal. Basically, with social listening, you are able to generate more Real Estate Deals.

5. Make Use of Hashtags

The hashtag is a feature commonly used on social media conversations. This flags the trending topics and is used by social media users interested in a particular topic. For Real Estate Agents, a popular hashtag on Instagram and Facebook is #realestate. Use the hashtag feature when posting on social media in order to target people interested in that topic. For instance, if you are targeting home buyers and sellers in Ontario, you can add #Ontario, #OntarioRealEstate, #OntarioProperties and other hashtags to your post.

Listed above, are some of the best social networking strategies for Real Estate Agents. These are examples of how a Real Estate Agent can use social networking to increase their business. These strategies have a high potential for earning real estate agents new business opportunities.

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