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Realtor® Tools: Must Use Social Media and Online Services

Realtor® Tools: Must Use Social Media and Online Services

Realtor® Tools: Must Use Social Media and Online Services

With current economic times as they are, it is essential now more than ever to be as resourceful as possible. A common theme in my recent blogs have been about online tools that Realtors® should be using to help them in their business. This blog post will focus on which social media and other useful websites Realtors® should be using to their advantage.

There are four mainstream social media websites that are musts in a Realtor®’s marketing and advertising business plan.


With about 500 million users, Facebook is a great way to connect to previous clients and to reach out to potential clients in the future.

Tip: You should create a separate profile for your business account aside from your personal account if you do not want to your clients to see all your personal information.  You can tailor your Real Estate group page to include only the information you want your clients to see such as new listings or updates on your local Real Estate market.


Twitter is a great way to share updates and news to a mass group quickly and easily. It also allows you to get updated by news of the people you are following.

Also, tweets could be used as advertising and marketing tools to link to your website or other resources you want your readers to see.

You could connect your Twitter account to almost any smart phone so “tweets” could essentially be done anywhere, anytime.


LinkedIn is similar to Facebook but more for professional connections. Here you can connect to your peers and find connections through your business life.

You can even get recommendations from previous clients so it could also serve as an excellent reference to share with others.


YouTube is a great way to share your videos. Some people even do vlogs (video blogs) instead of the traditional blogs since it’s quicker and could be more entertaining.

Aside from Social Media though, there are also other online services that are easy and free to use that Realtors® should be using.


Lately, many people claim to get better response on their ads in Kijiji and Craigslist over newspaper ads. This is actually quite believable since newspaper sales have been declining while Internet ads are expanding in reach exponentially everyday.

It is a great way to advertise your listings and your Realtor® services as well.


It basically gives a score to a property based on its “walkability”. This could be a very useful selling point to your listings especially in the urban areas where cars are not a necessity. A great WalkScore could be that one determining factor that helps close a deal.

There are countless online services out there that offer all these benefits. However these six above in my opinion are must haves in modern real estate business.