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How to Use Postcards in Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

How to Use Postcards in Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

How to Use Postcards in Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

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With the onset of digital era, many people emphasize on using digital marketing to build their brand awareness. Research shows that postcards are experiencing a revival in a number of sectors in the economy, and real estate marketing is one of them. In America and Canada, there has been an increase on number of postcards that were sent by real estate agents to clients over the last one year.  Compared to several years ago, Postcards are now easier to send thanks to the internet.  Before using Postcards as a marketing tool in real estate business, it is important that real estate agents know how to use the postcards effectively to achieve their goals.

Have a Predetermined Goal Before Sending Your Clients a Postcard.

It is fundamental that you determine the message that you want to pass to your client. Always determine your relationship with the recipient and tailor the message to fit to the relationship.  There are different messages to send in different context. For example, when a real estate agent is sending a message to a prospective client, the message will be designed differently from a message the same manager would send to an already existing client. You want to increase your real estate sales, so you have to design an effective message. The message should show why you are unique from all the other real estate agents out there. So, once you have a predetermined message you can now design the postcard.

Include a Call to Action So That the Prospective Real Estate Clients Can Know What You Expect From Them.

Adding a call to action on the postcard is essential. A call to action makes it clear to the real estate client which action they need to take. In real estate marketing campaigns, call to action should bring the client closer to signing the deal. If you don’t include a call to action on your postcard, you are missing a prime opportunity to increase your real estate customer base. An example of call to action is Subscribe to our Newsletter, Buy Now, Rent Now, among others. Make sure that the call to action message relates to the postcard message. When sending a postcard to a real estate client, include only one call to action to avoid confusing the client.

Don’t Attempt to sell on a Postcard Especially When Sending it to Prospective Real Estate Clients

When sending a postcard to your prospect client, don’t attempt to make a sale. Instead, the postcard should be an attention grabber! The chances of a new real estate client buying your property after you send a postcard is very minimal. The most effective call to action for new client would be subscribe to our newsletter, or contact us. Once you have the client’s attention, it will be a nice opportunity to send another postcard explaining to him or her on the different properties you have.

Include a Valuable Offer When Sending a Postcard to a Real Estate Client.

Now that you have caught the customer’s attention, send them postcards and attach the offers or give away that would be valuable to the real estate client. Let the client know that you sent the postcard to let them know that you have an offer. Real estate Clients really appreciate when they receive news of an ongoing offer through postcards. It is therefore an important message to include in your postcard. It leaves a lasting impression and even if the client is not ready the chance of contacting you in future are high.

Send A Colorful Postcard To Your Real Estate Client.


Every real estate client likes receiving a postcard from their real estate agent. However, no one likes boring dull postcards. In fact, customers dispose boring postcards away immediately same as they do with spam messages. Instead, the real estate agent should include a message that is as colorful as possible. Don’t make it `scream` but let it be impressive to look at. Always remember that your marketing goal is to increase the real estate client base. Therefore you have to be as appealing as possible.

Follow That Card to Determine Success of The Real Estate Marketing Campaigns.


Just like digital ads, postcard real estate marketing can be followed to analyze its effectiveness. You can ask the client to bring the card for a % discount or to redeem it for a gift. Always track sales that are as a result of your different real estate marketing campaigns. This is important because the real estate manager can know which campaigns work and which ones don’t. It is important that you send follow up postcards to real estate clients once they purchase property from you. Let the client feel they are part of your business and they will always give you referrals.

Include an Option That Allows the Customer to Opt Out from Receiving Your Postcards.

Customers and prospective clients should have a choice to opt out from receiving postcards. This is an anti spamming policy and should be applied on the postcard marketing too. Let the customer have the choice of subscribing and unsubscribing from your mailing list. This way you will be able to know the potential customers that are interested in your properties. In the unsubscribe form let the customer send a short message why they are opting out. By referring to this message you will be able to know how to attract the same prospective client in future.

Postcards are an effective real estate marketing tool and aim to attract customers into a face to face conversation. Since most small real estate businesses do not have huge advertising budgets postcards are cheaper cost effective way of generating more real estate business leads. Postcards give the real estate agent control of personalizing their message to the prospective real estate client. Whether you do your own post card mailing or you use a postcard mailer, it is important that you ensure the postcard gets to the intended client. Wrong targeting will not yield increased sales.

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