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Guide to Postcard Mailing Services

Guide to Postcard Mailing Services

Guide to Postcard Mailing Services

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There are several Postcard mailing service providers available for REALTORS® in the United States and Canada. REALTORS® should be aware of these different options so as to make an informed decision. Real estate agents should conduct a deep analysis of the mailing services provider they want to use before committing to them.

Micro Mailing Canada

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, MMC provides Postcard printing and mailing services. They have an experience of over 25 years in this business. This company has got an intimate knowledge of real estate postcard mailing. Micro Mailing Canada primarily serves the Canadian based Real estate brokers but they also specialize in providing the US businesses direct Postcard mailing.

Their services include:

  • DMC postcard printing and mailing services covering from Design, printing, postal sorting and bundling to mailing. They deliver postcard services from scratch to delivery.
  • The company will offer postcard mailing service for the REALTORS® who need from 1,000 to 100,000 mailings and therefore ideal for those real estate brokers with large clientele base to cover.
  • Expert advice help so as to make sure you design the best postcard mailing service campaign that will deliver good results.
  • DMC Postcard mailing services pricing starts from as low as $0.69 for 1000 4’’by6’’ which will cover Postcard for printing, postage, and mailing.

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Printing Peach

Printing Peach is a printing company located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. They specialize in Postcard design and printing only. They serve both Canada and US real estate brokers. The company specializes in printing different types of gloss finishes for your postcards. With Printing Peach,

  • You can send them your own graphics
  • They can design graphics for you
  • They have no online designing services or templates offered
  • Their postcards are 14 to 16 points thickness which gives you nice and heavy postcards.
  • Three different coatings options to choose from when designing the postcard. These are aqueous, ultraviolet high gloss finish and ultraviolet on front only.
  • Their designs are compliant with Canada Post specifications on size and product type hence ideal for those using Canada Post mailing services.

Printing Peach pricing for Postcard design and printing is a flat fee of just $94. This will include your initial designing, and printing. They will allow free revisions of the design up to 4 rounds after which each revision will cost $15

This postcard service is ideal for REALTORS® who want to have the postcards printed only and mail them themselves. Note that you have to account for the mailing cost when comparing options.

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Vista Print

This is a Dutch global company that specializes in digital and physical marketing services.  The company offers REALTORS® Postcard printing and mailing services. It operates worldwide and thus covers both Canada and US real estate market. They offer:

  • Personalized online Postcard design services- this service allows REALTORS® to choose from over 1000 templates available. However, you have to comply with the US postal services regulations. Alternatively, you can request them to design one for you.
  • Upload your preferred mailing list- this is the target audience for your postcard.
  • They will mail your Postcards and this saves you time and money as they have discounted rates for their customers.

Vista print offers a wide selection of post card sizes from standard to oversize. The pricing ranges from

$7.49 for 50, standard (5.47’’by 4.21’’) and small (6’’ by 4’’) postcards

$11.24 for 50, medium (7’’by5’’) postcard

$12.74 for 50, oversized (8.52’’by5.47’’) postcards.

As an enhancement on your postcard, Vista Print Postcard printing and mailing services offer REALTORS® optional additional features which include:

Glossy paper stock at $3.74 –this includes assorted heavy weight matte and gloss paper.

Face book Ads to enable you to reach more audience through social media starting from $24.99

Creative back side printing – this is an opportunity for the real estate agents to say more by utilizing the back side of the postcard starting from $2.24

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Canada Post

Canada Post is a physical and electronic marketing solutions service provider available for REALTORS® in Canada and the US market. Their post card services include the complete Postcard printing and mailing services. Canada Post enables small real estate agents to start their own direct mail services campaigns within a short time. They have an online postcard design tool called Snap Admail™ that is convenient for small scale real estate brokers.

Canada Post is ideal for REALTORS® who want to reach a specific clientele. Through the Canada Post free online tool, you can create a precise target group. By choosing Canada Post Postcard printing and mailing services you will get access to the following tool:

  • Precision Targeting- allows you to reach the right audience for your real estate Postcard Mail marketing campaign
  • Delivery Area Counts and Maps- this is a tool used to export the address choices for electronic use
  • Get your Direct Mail Partner – with Canada Post will deliver the message via Canada Post smart mail
  • BRM Artwork- allows you to creatively design business reply mail envelopes and labels on your Postcard
  • BRM Reporting will give you detailed information about your incoming Business reply mail items
  • Canada Post Postcard Design and mailing – Pricing starts from $2 per Postcard

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Postcard printing and mailing services

  1. Determine whether the postcard mailer serves your target market. Some Postcard mailers will serve only the Canada / US market while others can serve both.
  2. Be sure to check if the Postcard mailer serves REALTORS®. Some Postcard mailers will not have designs that work for real estate agents.
  3. Check the different available features that are used by the postcard mailers and settle on the one that favours your budget. Real estate brokers should ensure that they get postcard mailer that is friendly to their business financial status.
  4. Compare and contrast the different mailing service providers available based on your findings in number 1-3 above and make a decision on the right one to use.

Once you get this right, you are guaranteed to get the best Postcard mailer for your Postcard mailing.

To learn more about how to create a successful Postcard mailing Marketing Campaign, read our article “How to Use Postcards in Real Estate Marketing Campaigns”