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Using Ubertor for your Real Estate Website

Using Ubertor for your Real Estate Website

Using Ubertor for your Real Estate Website


Competition in the real estate market is growing every day. For REALTORS® to survive the competition, it is inevitable to ensure they adopt the latest techniques. One of the areas to focus on is how REALTORS® connect with real estate clients. Modern-day clients have adopted new techniques when it comes to searching for what they need. The majority of potential real estate clients will go online when searching for apartments or houses so it is imperative for Real Estate Agents to have a fully functioning, SEO and SMO friendly real estate website.

For instance, when one wants to relocate to a new city, they will use Google or Bing to search for a place to buy within the city. Let`s assume you have new apartments in Toronto and you really want to market them. It is necessary you list them so that they appear whenever a client searches for apartments in Toronto.

Searching using the phrase “Apartments in Toronto” will return several results in tens of pages. It takes a smart REALTOR® to market a real estate website so that it appears on the top search engine results. Appearing in top search results is not enough. You also need to ensure a potential client will want to click on the link and browse to the “contact us” page. So what does this mean for Realtors®? It means:

    • – Real estate agents have to develop competitive websites
    • – Real estate website should be optimized for SEO during the development phase
  • – Ensure continuous upgrade and maintenance of the real estate website

These are some of the important considerations so that REALTORS® can compete effectively. Maintaining a real estate website and conducting regular real estate website upgrades is not only expensive, it is also technical for REALTORS® without website design background. However, there are tools that make it an easy task and therefore REALTORS® should embrace them. A good example is Ubertor. So what is Ubertor and how can it help REALTORS®?

Ubertor is a simple to use and intuitive online software that many REALTORS® use to build, improve, and maintain their real estate website. The online real estate website maintenance and development tool are what every real estate agent should make use of so as to achieve a competitive website. So what are some of the features that Ubertor offers real estate agents? Continue reading to find out why real estate agents need to use Ubertor.

Easy Website Development and Upgrading

Ubertor is powerful and very easy to use and therefore REALTORS® can easily navigate through to develop customized user friendly website. One of the features that make Ubertor easy to use is the easy drag and drop feature. Using this feature, it is very simple to create pages and therefore Realtors® can add new pages with the content they need to make their website competitive.

Another feature that makes Ubertor an easy to use tool is the very many real estate website templates available. You can select the best template from the dozens available and edit it customizing it to meet your favorite look and feel. These templates are very nice and beautiful with different exciting features. You can add your own logo to the template and change the background colors without any coding.

Ubertor Websites are Mobile Friendly

Another great advantage of using this software for your website is that you will achieve mobile friendly website. We know that over 65% of internet users browse using their mobile devices. Therefore, your real estate website should be mobile friendly. Use Ubertor software for mobile friendly website and achieve more views hence more potential for selling your property

Are you looking for the best way to upgrade real estate website? You can easily achieve a fully functional, user-friendly website by using Ubertor.

Use Ubertor to Create a Website that is good for Marketing and Generating Leads

Marketing your website is one of the ways to beat your competitors. Here are some of the ways to market your website.

  • – Ranking high in search results is the best lead generation approach.

Advertising on social media or with Google ads is always an option. Gaining organic traffic by ranking high on search engines is also important, and does not cost you anything in ways of advertising.

To rank high, you need to have an SEO optimized website. Ubertor gives you the ability to optimize real estate website pages so that they can rank high on Google and other search engines. In addition, you will have a blog post for all the listings you do. A blog post will add more content to real estate website and therefore enables you to rank higher. With a blog post for every listing, you can be able to rank high whenever searches relating to the listing are conducted. Some website services charge extra to have a Blog; however, a Blog is included with Ubertor.

– Synch Real Estate Website with Social Media

Social media is the modern marketing approach. You need to connect to the social media platforms so that you can easily market your listings. When you list properties, you can then be able to share the link through the social media hence generating more traffic to the website.

Easy MLS Integration

Ubertor has a powerful listing module that enables you to market your listings easily. These are some of the features:

  • -Full video embed and syndication
  • -Add music to improve your listing
  • -Link your listing to Google maps to direct clients there
  • -Unlimited document storage and display
  • -High definition photo gallery
  • -QR code generation

Access to Support Features

With Ubertor, you will have access to the best support features. Therefore, in case you are stuck while using the software, you can easily get support from the customer care representatives. There are various support channels to take advantage of. These include:

  • -Live Chat Support
  • -Weekly live tours
  • -Emails

Are you looking for the best way to upgrade your real estate website? You can easily achieve a fully functional, user-friendly website by using Ubertor.

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