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Website Building Tools for Real Estate Websites

Website Building Tools for Real Estate Websites

Website Building Tools for Real Estate Websites

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Any serious Real Estate Agent determined to succeed needs to look for both versatility and ease of being discovered in the current competitive Real estate business. With everyone turning to the internet to look for barely everything, a good Real estate website is an important sales tool. There are many different options available for building a nice Real Estate website. This article will discuss in detail the following:

  • Wix
  • uKit
  • Website Box
  • Ubertor

Real Estate Agents always get mixed up when choosing which website building tool is good to use to achieve an easy real estate website. It is advisable that you choose a website building tool that will have all the important features that a Real Estate Agent’s website should have including the ability to integrate with multiple listing services.

A good website building tool should be able to give you a website that is functional, has great SEO titles and descriptions, gives maps and amenities information for clients to be able to find directions and contact information, and has professional images. To achieve all these the Real Estate Agent needs to be aware of the features that each tool offers.

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Tools That Can Create Real Estate Agent’s Website


Wix is a good option for a beginner who doesn’t have prior experience in website coding.  Based on previous reviews, wix is one of the best drag and drop website building tool that is easy to use and allows Real Estate Agents great flexibility when building a real estate website.

REALTOR® Websites built using Wix are beautiful and look very professional. Wix offers creative designs and real estate specific tools that cover all niche markets that a REALTOR® would like to reach.  Wix experts are always reviewing the features of the application and they release new upgrades often. Building a real estate website with Wix gives Real Estate Agents access to the latest templates and most recent advanced features.

On pricing, Wix offers a free plan but this means you adopt their on your URL and cope with their advertisements that run on the website until you upgrade your plan to paid plan.

Their paid annual subscription plans are:

  1. Connect Domain $4.50/month
  2. Combo $8.50/month
  3. Unlimited $12.50/month
  4. e-commerce $16.50/month
  5. VIP $24.50/month

The higher the plan the more features you get. Wix integrates easily with the MLS. Go to


This is completely a code free environment and ideal for newbie’s who are building REALTOR® websites.  uKit is geared towards a regular DIY customer without any prior knowledge of website coding. For real estate website, uKit offers a sleek drag and drop editor that allows Real Estate Agents to easily customize the templates to achieve the best results.

Using uKit to build a real estate website offers the Real Estate Agent advanced feature set and flexibility to change the templates as may be necessary over time.

uKit offers the free plan of only seven days. The pricing policy is categorized into four tiers and they are:

  1. Premium $4/month
  2. Premium+ $8/month
  3. e-commerce $ 9.6/month
  4. pro $12/month

For Real Estate Agents who don’t have time to build a website, uKit offers a customized real estate website built for you by the uKit team at $50. uKit is open for integration with other software providers. It is MLS friendly and therefore ideal for building real estate website. Go to

Website Box

Website box is simple to configure and setup. It is an ideal real estate website creation tool that offers customizable templates. It offers the user an opportunity to easily and quickly manage every aspect. For those building real estate website for the first time, website box offers fast setup learning curve and great creativity. Website box has a good layout and comes loaded with features that are customized for Real Estate Agent websites. It gives the user limitless control on the templates and it is therefore ideal for those looking for DIY.

Every REALTOR® wants a good SEO plan and website box is known for this. It gives the user an easy to use guide and endless SEO tips when building the real estate website so as to be able to rank high on search results.

Website box pricing is incredibly one of the best in the market. They don’t offer free trials but have a 30-day money back guarantee. They have a one off payment of $ 99 making it a very affordable tool for a REALTOR® website. Website box has a great CRM capability and therefore ideal for building real estate websites that connect to MLS. Go to


This is another easy to use and most powerful real estate website creation tool. The tool comes with easily customizable templates just like Website box. The website builder is drag and drop styled and there is no single line of code that a Real Estate Agent needs to write. With dozens of colorful themes, real estate websites built on Ubertor are attractive to customer’s eye. It enables Real Estate Agents to build stylish real estate websites.

Moreover changing the layout and adding new different features such as video and 3d graphics is easier with Ubertor. The Tool is basic but has advanced SEO features and therefore REALTOR® websites built on ubertor rank high.  It is built with advanced form widgets that are usually powerful lead creation tools.

Ubertor offers a one-month free plan, and four paid monthly subscription plans priced as follows:

  1. $19 per month
  2. $39 per month
  3. $59 per month
  4. $79 per month

The $59 per month plan is the most popular. Ubertor integrates with MLS easily. However, only the $79 per month plan offers unlimited listings while the other plans have limited number of listings. Go to

There are other options that are available including WordPress, Weebly, GoDaddy, just to name a few. When choosing website building tool, always have pre determined goals that you need to achieve with your website. For a Real Estate Agent website, it is advisable that you go for the option that will allow you to integrate with the MLS. It is also important you check the different available subscription plans and the features that they will allow you to use. Lastly, it is important that a Real Estate Agent website is built using easy to use and customize templates.

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