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Virtual Staging in Real Estate

Virtual Staging in Real Estate

Virtual Staging in Real Estate

Emergence of virtual staging in the real estate industry has really changed real estate marketing. Through the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology, vacant units are filled with real furnishings and décor.  This technology advances from traditional home staging where property owners had to buy or rent furniture to stage their unit. Developers with new home or condo builds can benefit from the use of Virtual Staging to showcase units that are not even built yet, or are built but vacant. The vacant unit can be virtually furnished in photos to attract buyers and help them visualize the space better.

Image before Virtual Staging

image of empty dining room

Image after Virtual Staging

image of virtual staged dining room

The Aim of Virtual Staging is to sell the Property Faster

To sell a property, the space needs to look impressive. A furnished unit is more attractive than an empty one. Furnishing a unit can be very costly and time consuming. Virtual furnishing is a great alternative that is more affordable and still gives buyers a way to picture the unit furnished. Advertising with the images will help attract buyers and result in more showing requests. It is a good idea to blow up and print the images for viewing at the unit as well. This way buyers can walk around the space and use the images to envision it furnished.

Hire a Professional for Virtual Staging

There are companies that do professional real estate photography and they also advise on virtual staging. Some companies offer both services, otherwise you may need to hire a professional photographer and then hand the images over to a virtual staging service company. Usually a REALTOR® will pay for a professional photo shoot, and you can request that they pay for the virtually staging work to be completed as well. Remember the goal of virtual staging is to make the property more attractive to the eyes of potential clients; but is equally important to represent the space realistically. Hiring a reputable company to do your virtual staging will help ensure you achieve these goals.

A good example of a company that does Virtual staging for REALTORS® is This is a company fully devoted to virtual staging and hence are a knowledge base for property owners interested in property virtual staging. Their rates are pocket-friendly and can be contacted for a free quote. This company has a great reputation and you can see their work in all the images in this article. They will help you with virtual landscaping to make sure you have a good presentation of the property outside as well.

Image Before Virtual Staging

brand new empty condo

Image After Virtual Staging

image of brand new condo furnished

Avoid the Creation of an Unrealistic Look and Feel

With Virtual Staging, it is important to make sure the feeling of real is created. Virtual Staging should give an accurate representation of the space. You can see with the before and after images, that the room looks the same except one is furnished and one is not. The furniture used should actually fit in the space in real life. Avoid a wide shoot where the room appears larger than it is in real life; this is a common mistake that the REALTORS® often do and it leads to negative results. You do not want potential buyers to be disappointed when they see the property in person.

Image Before Virtual Staging

image of empty bedroom in new condo

Image After Virtual Staging

Image of virtual staged bedroom in new condo


Light up The Rooms before Taking the Photos

Adequate light will improve any room’s look. You can open up the curtains to let in enough light into the house. Remember the brighter the room the more impressive it is. Choose the time of the day when the sun comes in through the windows to do the photoshoot. If the natural light is not enough, you can put lights on as well so that you achieve a sharp look in the photos. Photos can also be brightened by a professional if they still need more light.

virtually staged living dining room


Upload the Photos on Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Virtual staging works well for images shared on electronic media where images are the main attraction. Social media marketing campaigns can be enhanced through Virtual Staging. The visual component of posts is key and posts are more likely to be shared or clicked on if they have attractive images.


virtually staged living room

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