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Realtor® Tools: Informed Seller Package

Realtor® Tools: Informed Seller Package

Realtor® Tools: Informed Seller Package

The last article focused on the buyer package. This time, we’ll talk about its other half: the seller package. Essentially, it is the same thing as the buyer package except this time the content is designed for clients who are looking to sell their property.

The buyer and seller packages are often created together since there are some areas that are essentially identical, so you could repeat a lot of the pages and content. Examples of these are the cover page and biography page. Also, both packages could share a similar template design, as rarely would you give both to a client at the same time. Hence, you do not have to create a new layout design for the other package.

However, as similar as they may be, it is very important to you make sure that the content is relevant to your desired audience. In this case, since this is the seller package, everything should be about how you successfully sell a home.

Some topics that you could highlight are: What is your marketing strategy, your statistics in selling (i.e. homes listed with you sell much faster than the average or something like that), and testimonials from previous seller clients.

Typically, this package is lengthier than the buyer package because there are more things to highlight. A sample package that can be downloaded is available on the Resource section of our website, accessible only by logged in PrimoAgents members.

Having a seller package could easily separate you from the rest, as more and more real estate moves into the digital world. These are some tools to help you successfully compete and grow your Realtor® business. It is another way of showcasing your talents and skills.