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Must Watch YouTube Videos on Property Management

Must Watch YouTube Videos on Property Management

Must Watch YouTube Videos on Property Management

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To all Landlords and Property Managers, here are some must see YouTube videos on Property Management.

Eight important things you should know before going into real estate management


The video illustrates some facts about property management and how to use technology to help manage properties. It encourages real estate managers to use available resources to make it easier to manage properties. Landlords are encouraged that with right management techniques in place they are more likely to succeed in real estate.


Rent like a Pro


In this video, property owners will learn from a team that has over 20 years experience in real estate management.  This is a good video to watch because it shares the tips and techniques every Landlord should apply when managing their properties and make sure that their income from the investment keeps increasing.


Property Management Training (parts 1 and 2)  (Part one) (Part two)


These two videos share a lesson on how to manage the property. It teaches how to manage the property on behalf of the owner and how to handle the tenants. This is a good video for landlords because it teaches them some of the essential qualities they should look out for in a property manager.


Property Management Show


This is a video that aims to educate new property management companies on how to establish their pricing when listing properties. It is suitable for both new and seasoned property management companies. It features conversations with top experts.


Do`s and Don’ts in property management.


This is a video that teaches the property owners on the things they should avoid and how to improve the lives of their tenants.


What Every Landlord Should Know about Real Estate Management

In this video, Phil teaches essential principles of property management and it is based on some of the factors that the landlords should observe before even letting the tenants in and also teaches them the basics of cash management.


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