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Ideas on how Realtors® can use Instagram Stories to Attract More Leads

Ideas on how Realtors® can use Instagram Stories to Attract More Leads

Ideas on how Realtors® can use Instagram Stories to Attract More Leads

In my last article, I covered how you can use Instagram for real estate leads generation. I explained that Instagram stories is a great tool to increase your social media engagements for more leads. In this article, I will feature more on the use of Instagram stories for real estate leads generation. Before we get to find out how Realtors® can make use of Instagram stories for more real estate leads, I will give you a brief explanation on IG stories.

We are all aware that Instagram stories has acquired the attention of most marketers in different industries including real estate marketing. To appreciate the power of Instagram stories for real estate marketing, let us look at some exciting numbers:

  • Over 500 million people use Instagram stories on a daily basis.
  • A third of the most viewed Instagram stories are from the businesses
  • Half of the businesses worldwide create at least one Instagram story per month.
  • 96% of marketers in the US are planning to continue using Instagram stories ads.

These numbers indicate that there is great hope in the use of IG stories for lead generation. Now, let us shift our attention on tips for Instagram Stories for Realtors®. Here are some creative ideas for how real estate managers can use Instagram stories for lead generation.

  1. Focus on Posting Stories that with Strengthen your Brand

If you are already using Instagram stories for real estate marketing, then you are in the right track for strengthening your brand. Instagram is a visual platform making it perfect for telling your stories. Use Instagram stories to tell others what you do and why you think it is better for business continuity. This does not necessarily mean that you are spilling the beans!

Leverage on the power of Instagram visual capability to highlight your brand in front of potential clients. We have seen successful Realtors® using Instagram to achieve brand recognition. For instance, Fredrick Eklund uses his Instagram stories feature to share photos of his team. He is letting his followers see who is behind the success of his company. This contributes positively to growing your brand using IG stories. Here is a good example taken from his account.


Fredrick Eklund instagram snapshot
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  1. Use Instagram Stories to Share What is Happening Behind the Scenes

We have seen that Instagram stories can be used to strengthen your brand. Another idea is using the Instagram stories to share testimonials of how you achieved success. In fact, your followers are interested in knowing what is happening behind the scenes. We have seen real estate agents talking about this in the TV shows. If you did not get a chance to say it on TV, then Instagram stories is a fair platform for you. Remember that to drive engagements on social media; you have to share what people are interested in.

For instance, they are interested to see how you staged a property and achieved a successful deal. Highlight some of the challenges that you faced and explain how you were able to overcome them. The good thing about Instagram stories is that the content only lasts for some period. However, you can choose to archive the content so that it is viewed for a longer period.

Ryan Serhant uses IG stories to illustrate the difficulties he underwent when he was starting his career. Check this out here.  Although this might seem not helpful for your business, remember that it is driving engagements. As people share the videos, like and comment, you are increasing the chances of getting new sales leads.


  1. Use Instagram Stories to Share a Sneak Peak of What is in your Pipeline

Your Instagram followers are eager to find out what is in your pipeline. I mean, they are keen to find out what could be your next big deal. This is so that they can be the ones to break the news to others or just to satisfy their ego. Just snap photos of what is upcoming to keep your audience engaged. In some instances, you might not want to share the details in full. A drone aerial photo can create some suspense increasing the engagements as people try to know what is in your pipeline.


  1. Share Real estate Tips for Buyers, Sellers, and other Realtors®

Just like the other social media platforms for Realtors®, Instagram gives you an opportunity to highlight your real estate expertise. This is also a way of producing quality content by demonstrating what you are capable of. Use Instagram stories to showcase DIY process, or to talk about steps for a successful property listing.  Listen to this good example from Ryan.


Ryan Serhant social media
  1. Share what is happening in your personal life

Apart from the successful real estate business, you are running, your followers are interested in knowing more about you. You can create posts of yourself on vacation and tag your friends. This adds some fun to your real estate Instagram account driving more engagements. It is also a lead generation approach for realtors using Instagram for property marketing. The overall effect of this is that it humanizes the Instagram account by just attracting the attention of potential buyers.

There are different ways to use Instagram stories for real estate lead generation. These are just the tip of the iceberg. All you need to start doing is to get creative to identify the best approaches you can use IG stories for real estate lead generation.

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