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How to Generate More Real Estate Referrals

How to Generate More Real Estate Referrals

How to Generate More Real Estate Referrals

The Most Powerful Ways to Get More Real Estate Referrals

The real estate industry has become one of the most competitive industries. There are so many REALTORS® saturating the market. Therefore, the REALTORS ® are looking for the best way through which they can get new business. In the real estate market, the best approach is referrals. 75% of new business comes from referrals and also through word of mouth. Therefore, the best approach for those seeking to grow in the industry is to use referrals. Therefore, Real estate agents should consider the best way to get real estate referrals. So how can a real estate agent get referrals to grow their business?

In this article, we seek to elaborate the best approach for getting new clients. As a real estate agent, you want to make sure you are aligned well so as to get any referrals from new clients or also from other REALTORS®. Therefore, continue reading to find out the best approach for REALTORS® who want to get referrals.

Join a Referral Network

When referring clients to another REALTOR®, it is preferable to refer within an existing network. If the members of a referral group show loyalty by referring within the group, they will benefit from the give and take relationship of referral sharing. It is important to belong to a group of qualified members, so that you can trust you are sending your client to an agent of similar calibre to yourself.

The best referral network where Real Estate agents can get referrals is One of the reasons why Realtors® have higher chances of getting referrals from PrimoAgents is because of the excellence attached to Realtors® belonging to this referral network. For instance, at you will get agents who have:

1. More than five years of experience and have closed more than 100 deals
2. Educated REALTORS® with minimum Bachelors or College Degree or 25 years of experience
3. Use social media and technology in their real estate business
4. Have a good reputation with the board and colleagues
5. Have demonstrated success in their local real estate market

PrimoAgents is offered at a flat annual membership fee with unlimited referrals and leads. If you send a referral but don’t receive one in a year, we offer your next year free. Click here to Apply

Getting Online Reviews

With the high adoption of technology, clients will search online to get recommended service providers. Further, it is well known that when home buyers and home sellers are looking for agents they will often turn to friends and family members to get recommendations. The real estate review websites have also joined the reference points for home buyers and sellers. Therefore, having a positive reputation is important. The best approach to get positive recommendations is asking your present and past clients to leave a review about the services received. When new clients read the online reviews, they are more likely to hire you given that you have a positive reputation. Remember that a high number of positive reviews will help you get more clients. Therefore, start by ensuring all your clients are satisfied with the services they receive, by getting feedback and addressing any concerns.

There are various review websites for REALTORS®. These include the following:

This is one of the top review websites for REALTORS®. It is highly recommended for both the REALTORS® and those looking for property or selling their property. The main advantage why Real Estate Agents prefer this website is that they are allowed to launch a complaint in case of a bogus review by a client.

Zillow is a special review platform fully dedicated for the Real estate agents. However, the reviewer is forced to create an account so as to be allowed to review. Therefore, many clients might not find time for this.

This has been sold to the owners of Zillow, and therefore, you might expect that they are identical REALTORS® review platforms.

These are the common online review websites for real estate agents. Others include, Angie`s List and Google. Therefore, if you would like to get online reviews, these are good platforms that you can rely upon to get the online reviews. Remember to request from clients for reviews that you can post on your personal website.

Use Branded Materials to Create Brand Awareness

Another common method on how to get referrals for your real estate business is the use of branded materials. The branded materials are a way of creating brand awareness so that people know of your Real Estate services. Some Real Estate Agents have had great success with advertising on benches, billboards, or on the side of a bus. Mailed out print advertising can still earn returns as well. Through brand awareness, a business can be able to get more clients through word of mouth. Therefore, it is important for REALTORS® to ensure their clients can easily remember them. You can give printed business cards or branded gifts such as calendars and caps that clients will hopefully keep. Read about printing options at Vistaprint here. It is also a good idea to offer a referral bonus to clients, such as a discount on their next service or a gift card whenever they refer someone to you. You also want to talk to clients openly about how you can help them even if they choose to move or buy out of town, and how you have a great network of colleagues you can refer them to.

Real estate referrals are a good way of growing your real estate business. Realtors® should take time to understand these approaches. Furthermore, delivering on quality service really matters as this will get you more positive reviews, and repeat and referral business from your clients. Maintaining the relationships with your clients and reminding them of you and your services, will help ensure future success.

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