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How to Start a Successful Real Estate Blog

How to Start a Successful Real Estate Blog

How to Start a Successful Real Estate Blog

Real estate agents shy away from blogging as a marketing strategy. Research has shown that this is because they think blogging takes a lot of time and is expensive to start.  The fact is that starting a dedicated real estate blog, could be all you need to attract and retain clients. Check out the top real estate bloggers who have attained success in their career.  Starting a real estate blog is not as hard and scaring as many real estate agents think.

Wondering how to start and run a successful Real Estate Blog? In this article, we delve into how to start and run a successful real estate blog.  Does this sound good? Well, let us dive right into it.


Step 1. Choosing the Correct Web Host for Real Estate Blog

If you are already running a real estate website, well and good, all you need is to start a blog page. However, for the newbie is who is yet to start a website, it is important you choose the right web host. A web host is a platform where you can create, store and view the website through the World Wide Web. There are web hosts that will also sell to you a domain name service.

Consider a webhost that comes with a blogging platform. The webhost also needs to come with advanced post scheduling with a drag and drop tool while deciding on where and how to start your real estate blog. The more the features, the easier real estate blogging becomes for you. WordPress is a good specialty web host for real estate agents.


Step 2. Purchasing the right Domain Name

You can purchase a domain name through WordPress or you can connect your WordPress website to an already existing domain name. It is important that you choose a domain name that will easily identify to your business. If you have a registered business name, it is advisable that you make use of the business name on your domain. This helps your existing clients identify your business online with ease. 


Step 3. Come up with a content Calendar

With the webhost ready and a ready domain, you are now ready to start your real estate blog. However, it is important that you organize the content you can come up with a regular blogging schedule. This can be weekly posts, monthly or quarterly posts. You can use the popular content calendars like Google Docs, CoSchedule as well as Airtable.

When scheduling the real estate blog content, first determine how much time you require to write your blog. If you have chosen daily, weekly or monthly posts make sure it is something that will work for you effectively. If you have not so much time to write a blog, you can hire qualified Freelancers online. The fees range is $15 to $25 per hour.  The advantage is that you can have so much done within a short period. You can also invite guest bloggers to write content for your website.


Step 4. Decide What to Write About

Choosing the topics should be the next thing to do. This can be done while developing the blogging calendar where you specify the article topics to be written at a certain date. The real estate blog should be dedicated to related topics to attract readership from the target clients. You can come up with blog content that relates to frequently asked questions. Alternatively, you can brainstorm topics relating to latest occurrences within the real estate market.  Ensure that you list down any ideas that come into your mind. This can be while attending a conference, reading news bulletins or even attending meetings.


Step 5. Promote the Content

Now, you have your content posted online already. It is now time for you to share the content widely online. You can share links on your social media platforms. Alternatively, you can send the blog notifications through email to your existing customers. Ensure that the content is informative, easy to read and that it opens easily.


Step 6. Make use of Google Analytics

It’s free to set up Google analytics for the content that you post. This allows you to determine the number of views the content gets. You can use these statistics to target the people who have opened the content and see which content gains the most traffic. 

Those are the basic steps to follow when creating a Real Estate Blog. This will assist you to achieve more business by attracting potential clients to your website.

Now you have created a blog, it is time to get your blog noticed. Read How to Get Your Real Estate Blog Noticed for step by step tips on how to get your real estate blog traffic.

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