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How to Get Your Real Estate Blog Noticed

How to Get Your Real Estate Blog Noticed

How to Get Your Real Estate Blog Noticed

Writing a successful Real Estate blog is about getting the word out there and ensuring you are getting reads. Therefore, you have to serve the readers with the right material that suits their interests. At its core, starting a real estate blog is all about offering something of value to the audience. You can share a successful story or useful real estate insights helping your audience to solve a particular problem.  Do you want to get traffic for your real estate blog? In this article, we feature some hacks on how to get your real estate blog noticed.


  1. Share Your Blog Post on Social Media


Social media is a leading marketing tool for REALTORS®. Share your posts on social media for your network to see the posts. If you are using, use the publicize feature that automatically tells your followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn connections whenever you publish the post.


  1. Focus on Making the Content Visible to Search Engines


Google and Bing being the leading search engines offer a good chance for getting your real estate blog visible to target readers. Are you using enough SEO hacks to ensure top ranking on search engines? Ensuring original content, high-quality content with a few well-chosen tags helps your real estate blog be noticed easily. 


The Keywords refers to the search terms that are likely to be used by people searching for property. Use the keyword research tool to find the high traffic keywords and rank for these keywords.


Tags is a useful way for grouping the related posts together. The advantage of tags is that they will tell your real estate blog audience what a post is all about. Tags will make it easier for the blog readers to find your content. You can compare tags to categories.


High quality content gets you more reads and this is an organic way to rank on Google and Bing. Consider that Google Algorithm will consider the past traffic and rank search results based on pages with more views. Thus, if your real estate blog has a high number of clicks, the more traffic you shall be getting.


  1. Read and Comment on Other Blogs


Follow successful real estate bloggers and read their content. Make use of the comments section to express what you think about their posts. You can also use this section to share links to your related blog posts. The comments section on blogs is a great tool for creating online conversations that can get you more traffic. Therefore, make good use of this section.


  1. Make use of Free Real Estate Blog Listing Websites


Third party blog listing websites offer a good opportunity to attract traffic to your blog. With the right workarounds, these will help get real estate blog viewed more. The advantage is that they also come with free listing option and offers a more exposure to the potential readers. The free blog listing sites require no payment to have your blog listed.


You definitely are after getting more blog exposure. There are various ways through which to increase the blog exposure and improve the traffic. However, submitting your blog to the blog directories comes with the following advantages:


  • Exposes your blog to a completely new audience
  • Get traffic from the blog directories which is a highly targeted traffic
  • Generate a good number of backlinks to your blog


Here are two good example websites that offer listing of blogs. is a good example of the directories that come with a strong rank value. The website comes with a great ability for increasing traffic. It is ideal blog listing site for Real Estate blogs and offers a free listing. is another blog directory for real estate agents. This directory understands SEO and hence submitting your blog to this website allows you fast view ability. This blog listing service offers as unique and in-evasive reciprocal link setup approach.

  1. Have a RSS Feed For Your Blog


Most blogging platforms have the RSS feed built in. when you publish a real estate blog post, your latest post will be updated in the RSS feed. RSS feed also allows your visitors to subscribe to notifications. Therefore, this ensures that will never miss your posts. Make sure that you include the feature on your blog.


Here is the procedure for adding the RSS feed on your WordPress website.


Step 1. Log in to your WordPress admin area and go to the widgets area in the appearance section

Step 2. Click the “ADD” button that is next to the RSS widget

Step 3. Under current Widgets on the right, click edit for the RSS widget

Step 4. Type the RSS feed URL the title and check the item details that will be displayed

Step 5. Click “Done” and “Save Changes” to publish the RSS feed on your blog


Ensuring your real estate blog gets more readers is not as easy as it might seem to be. It takes writing a high-quality real estate blog that is informative and entertaining. Do not only focus on promotional article. Inform your audience by sharing insightful posts.


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