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How to Pull Off a Home Sale When You’re a Busy Parent

How to Pull Off a Home Sale When You’re a Busy Parent

How to Pull Off a Home Sale When You’re a Busy Parent

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Great gains are possible when you sell your home. For one, there’s the potentially massive returns you get when you sell one of your most sizable assets at a profit. For another, you may have the prospect of purchasing a newer, larger, and better home in the aftermath.

But while the reasons to sell your home are compelling enough, the process can be quite the opposite. You’ll have to jump through a few hoops to sell your home quickly and at a profit. This, in turn, can be a real challenge when you’re a busy parent who needs to get the house in tiptop shape for listing on top of keeping the family in line. But let’s take a look at how you can—and will!

Have a plan.

First, selling your house starts with a plan. The home-selling process is, in fact, a many-stepped affair. It will do you well, indeed, to get to know its ins and outs, so you not only do it right, but do it successfully and profitably.

For this reason, it’s more than wise to have a checklist on hand on how to get your property sale-ready. You’ll want to crunch numbers and ensure that selling your property is truly feasible, as well as talk to a realtor to determine if the timing is right. Most importantly, you’ll want to get it fully ready for the market before you list it to give it an edge. This, in turn, will entail making important repairs and updates. Case in point, leaky pipes and cracked windows are best fixed before showings so as not to discourage potential buyers.

Involve the family.

No doubt, you’re going to have your hands full in getting the house ready for listing. Aside from addressing the aforementioned improvements, you’ll need to keep the property tidy and clutter-free, as well. This is because potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in your home to be compelled to buy it, which can be next to impossible when it’s messy, dirty, and cluttered.

It’s a lot of work, yes, which is why it’s very important to get the family—including kids—involved. This way, they get to share in the responsibility of getting the house sale-ready and take a few things off your busy plate. At the very least, older kids can be tasked with duties like vacuuming and disinfecting, while younger ones can be charged with putting away their toys and books. Don’t forget to make a great case for the sale and the impending move to drive home the entire point of their participation and maybe even get them excited, too.

Focus on what you can fix.

Again, repairs and improvements are a necessary evil if you want to sell your home for top dollar. While this might entail some expenditures on your part, the potential ROI is undeniable, which is why it’s definitely a step that you don’t want to skip.

Now, although some updates are more widely acknowledged to drive up a property’s value, the fact is, there are still a great many cheap and easy improvements you can do to help boost your asking price. For instance, a fresh coat of paint almost always helps, as does sprucing up your landscaping or updating lighting fixtures and doorknobs (to name a few).

Bring in the pros when needed.

Of course, it’s also possible that your home will need more than just surface improvements to sell well. Taking into account our earlier examples of leaky pipes and cracked windows, or even more serious stuff like HVAC or roofing problems, it’s definitely more than prudent to let the pros handle it. The fate of your home sale hinges heavily on how sound the property is, after all, so this is something you really shouldn’t leave to chance.

Ultimately, how successfully your home sells depends on the work and preparation you’re willing and able to put into it. And as overwhelming as it might be for a busy parent to pull off, the fact is, it can be done, and the inevitable rewards will see you through. helps you find a highly qualified Real Estate Agent for all your Real Estate needs.  We only approve members that have 5+ years of experience, have completed a degree or have 20+ years of experience, have completed 100+ deals, are full time Realtors and use technology in their business. Click Search to find a top agent, or click Apply if you want to join our referral network.

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