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Home Selling 101: How To Use Interior Design To Add Appeal To Properties

Home Selling 101: How To Use Interior Design To Add Appeal To Properties

Home Selling 101: How To Use Interior Design To Add Appeal To Properties

Who says interior design is just for home decoration? If you fancy yourself a home seller or a professional real estate agent, you’ve got to take into consideration how your properties look in order for them to sell. And sometimes, “plain” just won’t cut it. If you can show your clients how they’re going to live awesome lives in your properties, you’ve got to spice up your presentation with helpful, practical, and inexpensive interior design. You heard us right, “inexpensive” – because you don’t have to blow a budget just to make a property presentable.

  • Become your own critic. It might help to first see your home as a critic and as a buyer before deciding what interior design elements to apply in the house. This helps you constantly remind yourself that you’re looking at your home not as yourself, but as someone interested in buying your house.
      • What sort of buyer do you think would like your home? Would you cater to newly-wed couples, or a family with multiple children? Think of your target buyer first, so customizing your home can be easier.
      • Likewise, if you want your home to appeal to buyers, it may help to fix essential parts of your home to increase its real estate value. If you have the budget, you can work on repairing and replacement flooring, walls, and ceilings.
  • Neutral designs work. You (or previous owners) may have been creative with the previous design of the property you want to sell. At this rate, it helps to assess just what parts of home design have been done out of creativity, and what parts of the design appeal to overall audiences. Neutral works, in this case, so people can imagine designing the home themselves.
      • Try giving the house or property a fresh paint of neutral paint color. Try identifying parts of the home that have too bright or too dark colors, and try going neutral over them. This can make buyers look at your property in as neutral a way as possible. 
      • Declutter and depersonalize. Try removing personal effects from the house, so potential buyers can see themselves living in the place. Remove photographs and replace them with generic artwork. Declutter your home as well – try removing two (2) or three (3) pieces of furniture in each room, so potential buyers can also see themselves adding their furniture there. You can ask the help of movers NYC to get furniture to new locations.
  • Go for softer accessories and furnishings. Try to get the property accessorized as softly as possible. This means adding generic and “neutral” items that give the property a homely feel without feeling too overwhelming.
      • Try opting for a soothing palette, so there’s flow in the room.
      • You can also add green plants and flowers to add “energy” and natural color to the room. If possible, try to add scented candles for a fresh scent that can catch the attention of your buyers.
      • Magazines and soft furniture can add a homely effect to the home as well. If you’re having trouble getting furniture in your home, people can  recommend their best moving company NYC that can do the job for you. 
  • Opt for a presentation feel. Don’t forget that when you want to sell your home, you need to present it to potential buyers first. This means you’ve got to find a way to make your home as presentable as possible. Good lighting and a clean look can really do this and make this work for you.
    • Don’t neglect adding good lighting to your home. Natural lighting through big windows can really add a lot of charm to your home. 
    • Try taking advantage of mirrors, as they can really add the illusion of space in your home. These mirrors can easily make small rooms look bigger.


Interior Design For Home Selling: Creativity, Guts, A Bit Of Spice

With the above in mind, it helps to realize that homes you sell can get extra awesome with a bit of design and aesthetic support. What better way to have your property be appealing to potential buyers if they can see themselves living there, right? With a bit of a budget and some good planning, you can actually make your properties into stunning home pieces you’d definitely be proud of. Interior design isn’t necessarily just for homes and offices – you can use this to add appeal to your properties as well.


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