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Choosing the Right Realtor®

Choosing the Right Realtor®

Choosing the Right Realtor®

Finding a REALTOR® is not difficult, but finding a “good” REALTOR® can be. I quoted “good” because this is relative to each individual. Some people like the personable, talkative, easygoing REALTOR® while others would prefer a more serious and professional agent helping them out. There are certain qualities that are desirable in all REALTORS® and those we will discuss here. PrimoAgents can be from any brokerage, but what they have in common is they possess these qualities we believe are valuable.
With the barriers for entry to be a REALTOR® being relatively slim and the incomes potentially high, it is no surprise that there are so many Real Estate Agents out there. Some have been in the business for ages while others are quite new. Some work full time while others do it on the side. Others have even recently switched careers or are partially retired.
Clearly there are many options out there and it is fortunate that we have the opportunity to choose which REALTOR® to work with. Interviewing a few REALTORS® for your business is quite common and recommended. We hope you will consider the PrimoAgent we have listed in your area as a candidate. Click here to Search. This article will point out some key things to consider when choosing your REALTOR® and hopefully help guide you in selecting the right one for you. Here are some things to consider:

  • Experience and Education

You always want a REALTOR® that has experience and client success stories to know that you are in good hands. All PrimoAgents have a minimum of 5 years of experience and a minimum of 100 deals closed, most have much more than that. A good way to judge their experience to is by asking for references and testimonials from their previous clients as well as checking their LinkedIn profiles to see their work history.

Even though you do not need a degree or diploma to become a REALTOR®, there are REALTORS® that have one. And generally, this helps them in their career as post secondary education challenges and prepares its students to think more logically and tackle problems more creatively. Many degrees have given knowledge and know how relevant to the Real Estate industry, such as those related to business or city planning for example. Almost all PrimoAgents have a degree, the few that don’t have 25 years of work experience.

  • Accessible and Easy to Reach

This is probably one of the most important factors in a good REALTOR® because like I said in previous posts, in the world of real estate, time is money. Closings, deals, and listings are being done constantly and instantly. Maybe you have decided to buy a house but if you cannot contact your REALTOR® to close the deal, somebody could beat you to it, especially in a competitive seller’s market. The best REALTORS® have smart phones and respond quickly to emails and phone calls and work all hours of the day. PrimoAgents are screened for these qualities as well. Search here now.

  • Good Communicator

As most marriage counsellor would say, the key to a good and healthy relationship is communication. I’m not saying to treat your REALTOR® as your spouse (unless they are of course) but since you will be in a professional client-agent relationship, you need to be able to successfully communicate with each other.

Also remember that communication is a two-way street and that a good talker is just half of the story. It is very important that your agent is also able to listen and understand specifically what it is you want and need.

  • Tech-savvy

Real estate today is quickly and vastly moving into the digital world where listings, negotiations, and closings are all being done electronically. If your REALTOR® is “out of date” in terms of technology, then you could miss out. For example you may want to put in a competing offer on a home and it is not possible to meet in person; in that case you would need your REALTOR® to be comfortable with doing the offer electronically. Also if you are listing your home, you would want your REALTOR® to be posting your home on their website, on listing sites such as Kijiji or Craigslist as well as exposed on social media. Most buyers are looking online when house shopping, so you wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. PrimoAgents have personal websites, use social media and are up to date with technology.

  • One with a Plan

Good REALTORS® always knows how to make themselves stand out from the rest. They will explain or show you what services they have to offer you often through a buyer/seller package. Click here for an example of one.

The REALTOR® should explain everything included in the listing of your home. What advertisements online or in magazines will they be doing? What open houses will they be doing? Are they paying for professional photos of your home? Are they giving you concrete advice on how to prepare your home for sale to get top dollar?

As a buyer agent, you might ask how often is the REALTOR® going to take you see homes? How many homes are they prepared to show you to find your ideal property? What would they do if a new listing you were interested in was about to come on the market? Will they search private listings for you as well? Are they willing to contact a homeowner of an unlisted property you are interested in or go door knocking in a neighbourhood you want to get into?

  • History of Success

Some homeowners nowadays sell their homes themselves because of the resources that the Internet is providing them to list privately. A good REALTOR® will bring their marketing skills, connections and negotiating skills to get you a much higher net profit at the end of the day. Many homeowners do not know the true value of their home, don’t market it properly, don’t know how to negotiate with a buyer or their agent and wouldn’t know how to handle (or create) a multiple offer situation. REALTORS® are professionals in their field and if they have the experience and know-how they will get you top dollar for your home. They will also help you identify and negotiate a good deal as your buyer agent. PrimoAgents have proven their success within their industry. We also screen PrimoAgents for having no fines or convictions which makes them more trustworthy. Search free here for a PrimoAgent.

  • Someone You Are Comfortable With

This is probably the more intangible factor that is not easily measured but very essential nonetheless. You will be working with this person for who knows how long – days, weeks, maybe months – so if you are not comfortable with your agent, it will just make you miserable. You don’t have to be best friends with your REALTOR®, but at least be comfortable enough to talk, meet, and deal with him or her on a relatively frequent basis.
At the end of the day, it is still a judgment call to be made by both your heart and head. Remember that this is a very significant purchase or sale so having the right person is essential. The most important thing in a client-agent relationship can be the rapport between the two parties. It could mean the difference in not only dollar figures or winning the right deal but also the stress or ease of the experience as well.
We at look for Real Estate Agents from all brokerages that fit the above criteria to join our network and therefore, narrow your search for a good agent. Click here to Search and connect for free with one of our members. Their contact information is provided publicly for you to use or you can connect with one of our built in forms. If you don’t find someone in your area, please contact and we will search out a REALTOR® for you for free.

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