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Best Home Design Trends for 2017

Best Home Design Trends for 2017

Best Home Design Trends for 2017

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

Home renovation or home remodeling has become popular and homeowners are coming up with exciting ideas. There are various reasons why someone would consider home remodeling. This could be to accommodate new demands or to change the look of the house. For some homeowners, they want to remodel a property they inherited while others are investors who have purchased an outdated property and want to remodel it so that they can sell it for a better price.

Home renovations can target upgrading to the latest home designs. These modern trends usually influence the internal and exterior designs.  For the better part of 2017, we have witnessed some exciting ideas when it comes to interior and exterior home improvements. Although one would say they don’t want to be trend followers but trendsetters; if done right, your project can be unique and trendy at the same time.  Here are some of the latest home improvement ideas we came across.

Inspire Your Kitchen Renovation with a White Quartz Countertop

Your kitchen is one of the areas you should consider giving an improvement. The white quartz countertops have become very popular among the home renovators. You can give your kitchen a complete makeover by introducing the countertops that flow from down over the sides of the cupboards. Better still you can add some elegance to the white countertops by introducing seats to give a luxurious experience and also make kitchen conversations more comfortable. There are no limitations when it comes to the colour of the countertops to use and therefore you can go for the white countertops or even try the grey and blue colors. Further, you can introduce nice wooden doors for the countertop cabinets and furnish them with a complementing stain and some stainless steel handles. Here is an image of one of the best ideas we came across.

Modern Kitchen with white quartz countertop
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Terracotta Tiles Have Made a Comeback

Those born in the 80`s would be surprised to hear that the terracotta tiles are making a comeback. These are one of the oldest flooring ideas that date back even before the coming of Christ. The tiles are a clay based ceramic that can be glazed or unglazed. These tiles are used glazed or unglazed and can give your house a completely new look. For your information, you can use these tiles not only for the flooring but also the countertops and walls as well. They come in wide variations and are quite affordable. To give you more practical use of the tiles, the seal you put on the terracotta tiles matters a lot. The good thing with these tiles is that they can last forever but you may need an expert to fix them for that professional look. Home remodeling must always be completed with attention to detail.

Image of Terracotta Tiles
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Splurge on the Laundry Room

The kitchen and bathrooms will always get a huge chunk of your investment when it comes to home remodeling. However, in 2017 we noted that the laundry room has also captured the attention of homeowners and it is one of the rooms that is getting a serious home makeover. There are some design tricks to bring in more light into the room and make the storage smarter. The flooring and the appliances area are also some of the areas that have captured the attention of home renovators with an aim to make the room more organized. This is obviously important since this is one of the rooms you will definitely spend time in.

Modern Laundry Room
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Natural Bathroom Makeover Ideas Trending in 2017

The bathroom is another room in your home that you must think of when improving the look of your home. The 2017 emerging style for the interior of your bathroom is the use of modern clean lines and organically inspired interior. For the bathrooms, clean lines are an all-time favourite and therefore you will not go wrong by choosing them. Earthy tones can be added on the walls and around the bathtub. For the walls, a wooden appeal will go a long way to bring you closed to nature. The cherry top can take potted ferns or you can add some terracotta sculptures to give your bathroom a more appealing look. A freestanding soaking tub can be surrounded by smooth natural stones. Also, allow more natural light into the bathroom by making the window larger. Here is an image of the idea that captured our attention.

Modern Bathroom with Tub and Stones
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Spice up Your Family Living Room

With a larger budget, the family living room could be enlarged or you might want to widen the windows to allow more natural light in. The living room is one of the areas you and your family will spend more time in, so you need to be more creative when it comes to remodeling the living room. The flooring can be done using the large oversized rectangular tiles. These can come in different designs and sizes as might be more appealing to you. With the large rectangular tiles, it basically means you will have more tile surface with less grout lines to clean. The large tiles are heavier and will require a professional installer to come out right.

Living Room with Oversized Tiles
Image Credit: Madstone Concrete


All White Master Bedroom is The Latest 2017 Bedding Trend

The white bedroom design looks like has been the most inviting design of 2017. This could be inspired by the association given to the white colour or maybe it’s the hotel linens trend that is coming to the master bedrooms. If that look is one of your goals, then be sure to select the right mix from different available patterns and wall textures to make it look more appealing. The materials and other bedroom accessories should be selected wisely to avoid making the bedroom boring. You can go for a different colour of the curtains to make the room more appealing. However, you need to be careful to choose a more appealing colour that will complement the whiteness. Here is an image to give you an idea.

Modern White Design Bedroom
Image Credit: LeBlanc Design


Home remodeling can be both fun and worthwhile. It is important to plan with a budget and with future resale in mind in order to make sure your home renovation project is also a smart investment. Home renovations will look better if old designs are well blended with the modern designs. You can have a master plan for your home design and break it into smaller, more manageable projects to be completed over time.

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