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10 Home Staging Ideas That Cost Less Than $100

10 Home Staging Ideas That Cost Less Than $100

10 Home Staging Ideas That Cost Less Than $100

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Selling a property can become stressful, especially in a competitive market. But did you know that home staging is a way to attract the attention of property buyers and set your home apart from others? Home staging on a budget is possible, you just have to be creative.  Actually, using very simple DIY home staging ideas, you can sell your property faster and for more money. Here are some of the home staging ideas that will cost you less than $100.

1.  Declutter your Home (Cost $10/room)

All the non-essential items that you have in your house should be removed and kept out of the house. You can sell some or pack stuff away in storage to declutter your space and make your rooms look larger. Decluttering is important as there are lots of items that you don’t use and just fill the rooms and distract potential buyers. Remember to check the storage room and remove everything you don’t need too. The only cost you will incur here will be on buying the storage cartons which are around $10 for a large plastic one. Below is a before and after of a room being decluttered.

before and after of decluttering room
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2.  Let in Natural Light into Your Room (Zero Cost)

If your house has large windows, this will let in natural light to brighten the room. Be sure to mention this to them if they don’t notice. Open up the curtains widely, this also helps in making the room look bigger. Turn on all lights in the home before any showings as well. This will cost you nothing since you don’t need any renovations.

Master bedroom with large windows
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3.  Improve the Look on Your House Walls (Less Than $15)

Cracks on the wall, nicks out of your corners and old hooks or nails hanging on your house walls and in weird places will make your house unattractive.  You need to identify all the cracks and you can ask a friend to assist since you might be blind to some cracks. Give the walls a smooth finish using wall fillers on the cracks and holes. You can buy multipurpose putty that can be painted and use it to fill those ugly holes on the walls. After removing the bad quality hooks, you also need to fill the small patches and repaint. Multipurpose putty will cost you less than $5 if you buy off Amazon.  After applying the putty on the walls you also need to use stain-blocking paint so as to cover the mess. This will also cost you $16 off Amazon, bringing the total cost to less than $10. By doing this you will have improved the look of your house.  You should remove the unwanted hooks and nails to make the house walls more attractive.

can of putty
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4.  Choose Key Rooms To Stage (No Cost Incurred)

The living room and master bedroom are the key rooms in house staging. Pulling furniture pieces or décor from other areas of the house to properly stage these key areas is one way to bring down the cost of home staging.

Nicely staged Living Room
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5.  Brighten House Sinks and Tiles using Stain Remover (Costs less than $10)

The house sinks attract clients when maintained clean. If they are stained, use a drill powered scrub brush to remove all stains and use brightener detergents when cleaning. This will give the sinks and tiles a new look and therefore you can use this as a base of negotiating for a higher price. Make sure the toilet seats are cleaned too.

Person cleaning sink
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6.  Wall Mirrors Will Make the Rooms Larger (Cost $20-50)

Place wall mirrors strategically in the master bedroom and the bathrooms to make them look larger. The use of mirrors has been proven to influence buying decision and therefore does not only make the room look bigger but also brighter by reflecting the light. Therefore you should strategically choose where to have the mirrors, you ask your friends or family for their input. A few larger mirrors can be found for little cost by searching thrift shops or online on Kijiji, Facebook groups or other resale sites.

Image of mirror
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7.  Landscaping DIY ($100)

You can spare some time to do this yourself or ask the help of family and friends for larger tasks. Make sure you add fresh mulch at least on the  front flower beds to make them look neat, this might cost $100 on its own. Mow the lawn and use a fork to remove the dry grass to make the compound greener. This is to create the kind of environment we all want to live in. Make sure you water the lawn to make it greener and more attractive. A planter for the front porch can be put together by you or purchased with any remaining budget. Remember the outdoor property will be the first impression to potential buyers.

Landscaped property
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8.  Use Wall Hangings to Make the Living Room Attractive (Cost $15)

You can buy some wall hangings from Amazon that will make the living room attractive. Place them strategically where you want to emphasize a feature. For example, this can be at the fireplace to show the extra space for placing family photos. You can also use wall hangings in your master bedroom.  You can get a nice wall hanging at $15 from Amazon.

3 wall hangings
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9.  De-Personalize the House (Free)

Your family photos are not as necessary and you can keep them away at this time. This might be painful but since you just decided to sell the house, then you have to just do it. You can replace the nice family photos with more neutral looking photos.

staged master bedroom
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10.  Have Professional Pictures Taken  (Paid by the Real Estate Agent)

Photos can help attract clients and this is what your Real Estate Agent will use in their advertisements. Furniture or decor can be moved around into different rooms and extra pieces (such as a child’s high chair or table) can be temporarily removed during the photo session. They will have to be taken by a professional photographer so that they can do nice editing. This cost should be incurred by your Real Estate Agent and you can ask them this when you are selecting one to work with.

Home staging doesn’t have to be done by professionals, you can do it yourself to keep the cost down and stage your home on a budget.

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