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Zoom vs Microsoft Teams Key Feature Differences

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams Key Feature Differences

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams Key Feature Differences

With Covid-19 limiting our ability to meet face to face, schools and businesses scramble to find alternatives to hosting meetings or classes online. 

Trying to decide between Zoom and Microsoft Teams for your work or school needs?  For Microsoft Teams you will need an office subscription to set be the administrator – users do not need an office account.   Zoom offers Free and upgraded plans for meeting administrators.

Whiteboard capability – both Zoom and Microsoft Teams have this capability which is great for online lessons or videos to share. You definitely want a stylus to use the whiteboard, here is a link to one that is only about $6  I use an Apple pencil because it syncs up excellently with the iPad and is generally awesome for drawing on the screen.  The older version Apple pencil can be picked up for less than $70 on Amazon –, or the new version is about $125 and you can get that here

Recording – Microsoft Teams allows recording for all users.  Zoom allows recording on a laptop, but to record on a phone, tablet or iPad you need a Pro account. 

Microsoft Teams recording does not show any screen sharing or whiteboard drawings in the recording, so it would not be ideal if we wanted to share lessons to students that missed a session or want to re-watch one.  

Zoom records everything that happens on a screen (whiteboards, screen-sharing, etc.). 

Cloud Storage – Only the Pro account of Zoom uses cloud recording. Microsoft Teams uses cloud recording.

Number of Members – Microsoft Teams limits meetings to 250 attendees unless you go through Teams Live Events where you can have up to 10,000 attendees.  Zoom Free and Pro allows for 100 users, and it can go all the way up to 1000 attendees from there with the top Enterprise Plus plan.

Classroom breakout groups – only offered by Zoom at this time including Free accounts. You can have a bigger meeting happening, have a subset of students go off into smaller breakout groups, and then re-join them to the main meeting.

Time Limit – there is no time limit for Teams, usually there is a 40 minute time limit for free Zoom accounts and 24 hours for Pro accounts.

The 40 minute limit has just been lifted as of today on Zoom for Canadian, U.S. and other countries schools K-12, there is a link to request the lift, it can take 72 hours.  School verification link to remove 40 min limit

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