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Why Your Clients Should Hire An Interior Designer And How They Can Find The Best One

Why Your Clients Should Hire An Interior Designer And How They Can Find The Best One

Why Your Clients Should Hire An Interior Designer And How They Can Find The Best One


So your client has found the home of their dreams and you’ve built a lasting relationship with them and want to see them enjoy and prosper in their new home, and want to help them settle in by finding a trusted and talented local interior designer. But you don’t know how to relay the importance of one or how to help them find one. To get your bases covered, the interior design firm Décor Aid has shared why they should hire one, and how they should find one so you can relay this helpful information to them.


What Makes Interior Design Services So Viable:

  • A professional interior designer or firm is an accredited force focused on the world of interior design with many designers having studied under leading industry figures.
  • An interior designer knows the ups + downs of the interior design process and brings with them project management skills to make the effort flawless.
  • A trusted designer will also have the best connections if there’s any kind of renovation or construction work to be done.
  • Interior designers have an intuitive understanding on how to make the best use of any space with inspiring innovative solutions.
  • They can get the best furnishings and services at the best prices.
  • If they’re transparent about their design fees, they can save money on pieces they source since most designers get standard industry discounts on furnishings and services.


So How Do They Find The Best Local Interior Designer?

Research Top-Rated Interior Design Services

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So how should they find the best local interior designers for their new home. The best route is to be resourceful and ask friends and family if they have any recommendations. And they should also investigate online and search Google and LinkedIn profiles.


Build An Inspiration Resource

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Whether its a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster or an interior design magazine or website or even Pinterest, having inspiration on hand will help an interior designer better understand the scope, possibilities, and reality of a project. Your client will also be able to filter what they don’t like or want as well.


They Should Understand Who Their Interior Designer Is

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Since the design process is a personal and intimate collaboration, your client will be spending a lot of time with their designer, so everyone needs to be on the same page and get along to keep everything smooth and hassle-free. They should learn about who their designer is, how they work, how they handle situations, and everything about their vision, lifestyle, goals, and career to better understand them and what it will be like to work with them in their home.


The More Proposals, The Better

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They shouldn’t simply hire the first interior designer they come across. Instead, they should look at it as though they are interviewing a potential employee and ask questions and be decisive in their choices. And by getting as many proposals as possible, they’ll also feel secure that they are making the right choice. That said, if something is too affordable, it may just be too good to be true. Especially when it comes to online interior design services where your client will end up doing all of the work themselves.


Pricing Strategies Are Key

calculator used to determine design costs

When it comes to interior design services, there’s not one central kind of cost calculated to consider. In fact, they can be all over the place with all kinds of fees tacked on. And much like finding a reliable and honest mechanic or dentist, your client should ask for several proposals from prospective designers so they can feel secure that they are getting the best deal for their time and money.  In the end, it’s important to work with a designer that is transparent about their service fees so nothing is in the dark.


Their Portfolio Matters

interior design plans

Every interior designer should have a portfolio on hand to share the work they’ve successfully completed. And if they don’t have one, they aren’t worth your client’s time. But if they do, it’ll pay to carefully take in the work they’ve done to better understand their vision, taste, accomplishments, and scope. This could also come in as a valuable resource for further inspiration since what they can do will be clear and fully illustrated.


They Should Meet The Entire Team

design team putting hands together

Since most interior designers often work with a crew to keep the interior design process streamlined, it’s important to meet everyone since they’ll be a part of this personal collaboration..


Their History Online Counts

interior designer working at laptop

Sure, Yelp is a no fun noisy service full of some downright aggressive reviews, but it can also help to look up a designer so they can take note of any patterns that may come up after reading several reviews. And in today’s world, every interior designer should have an online presence, whether it be via Google, LinkedIn, or their own personal website. It’ll also help to ask for solid recommendations so your client will know how they work firsthand.


A Realistic Budget Is Essential

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As your client begins considering the designer they have in mind, it’ll be a must for them to have a realistic budget in mind. This way they’ll know how much the project will cost, and what they can realistically afford without going over budget. And once they have that figured out, a respected interior designer should be able to honestly tell them how much they can do with what’s been allotted.


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