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The Seven Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics

The Seven Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics

The Seven Real Estate Lead Generation Tactics

A healthy pipeline of real estate leads is one of the most important strategies for REALTORS®. Otherwise, you are going to experience a fluctuation in your monthly commission checks. If you want a steady momentum, you will need real estate lead generation strategies, to ensure you have customers all year round. In this post, we feature seven of the best lead gathering tactics for REALTORS®.

  1. Build Partnerships

To generate real estate leads, start by networking with the local businesses. Focus on forming a mutually beneficial partnership, and do not forget to form local alliances to help forge the relationship forward. To ensure your partnership is not just about exchanging money for services or products, consider sending each your partner gifts and wishing them well especially when they are holding major events.

A good example of Realtors® strategic partner is the insurance company. In real estate, homeowners’ insurance is a necessity. Thus, you are likely to interact with insurers as you develop properties or even attempt to sell. Ensure that you build a mutually beneficial relationship with the insurer. Whenever they find a client who needs your service, the insurer will most likely refer you. As you refer clients to your strategic partner, they will be more willing to return the favor.

  1. Provide valuable content

Content is a great real estate lead generation strategy for real estate marketers. With valuable content, you can generate more real estate leads. Consider that, in today’s socially connected world, whenever someone finds an informative article, they will want to share the article within their network. Thus, come up with a content strategy, and have a regular posting schedule.  This way, your existing readers will always come back for more and keep sharing with those in their network.

  1. Create more videos

According to statistics, 80% of global internet consumption is video content. Among the many internet users viewing videos, are potential buyers and sellers. Therefore, this shows that if Realtors® focuses on creating relevant video content that captures the attention of homebuyers and home sellers, they will grow the real estate leads pipeline.  For instant, you can create a video informing homebuyers on the things to look for when purchasing a property.

  1. Leverage on social media for real estate lead generation

Social media is probably one of the best things that ever happened in this universe. If you are not leveraging social media, you are missing a lot when it comes to lead generating in real estate. Social media helps realtors to target potential buyers easily and most conveniently. With social media, Real Estate agents can create custom posts, targeting a certain market. There are different targeting strategies to apply. For instance, you can target using a hashtag on Instagram, or target using demographics on Facebook and Twitter. Share the web content on social media in order to boost reach. This way, you will start seeing more clicks on your website, compared to marketing without using a social media strategy.

  1. Sending emails is an effective real estate lead generation trick

Did you know that how real estate agents generate more leads is by using email? However, this works best if you are sending personalized emails to your target audience. Experienced Realtors® will tell you that email marketing is a must, and not a thing of the past like some people believe.

You can start sharing the monthly newsletter through emails and make sure that you personalize the content, to match the preferences of the target audience. In addition, send emails regularly, but do not send too often such that it becomes a bother. For instance, twice a month is a great approach. Allow the recipients an opportunity to opt-out, or change the frequency settings. This helps to control the unsubscribe rate as the recipient is in control. Using email marketing will also help Realtors® increase web clicks. To ensure your audience wants to keep reading the content, you can come up with a series of educative content, so that they feel the urge to click the emails next time you send.

  1. Understand the unique requirements of the customer

Who are your potential customers and what are they looking for? If you want to achieve success in social media marketing, you have to understand what they are looking for. Then, you can target them by posting relevant content on your website or through social media content. For instance, if you are targeting home sellers, it is obvious that how to sell fast and conveniently is what they are looking for. Therefore, content like how to sell a property within one week will capture their attention.

  1. Effective follow-ups to nurture the leads

Now that you are using the above real estate lead generation tactics, you might be experiencing a higher Click-Through Rate. The next thing to do is ensure these clicks are converting. In order to achieve this, retarget those who click on your website or social media listings. Follow up calls or emails will help you to effectively convert the leads into customers.

Real estate lead generation is easier if you use the right strategies. The Seven lead generation tactics for real estate agents will help you generate new leads. Therefore, incorporate these in your marketing strategy, and you will begin seeing results.

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