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Must Watch Videos on Real Estate Investing

Must Watch Videos on Real Estate Investing

Must Watch Videos on Real Estate Investing

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Check out some great YouTube videos on the Real Estate Industry and Real Estate Investing.

Real Estate Industry


History of Real Estate in the U.S.A


This is an educational video by Vision Capital, and it features the invention of modern real estate business. Real Estate Investors have to start by understanding the history of the Real Estate Industry. The video explains the history of real estate bubbles where we see the value of homes going up and eventually coming down. This is supposed to warn the public that value of a house can come down and borrowing too much money against a house is not a wise decision. This video is inspired by the fact that banks will push homeowners to take a loan against their property, a move that the homeowner makes but affects them greatly when the economic bubble bursts.


Boom in Real Estate Business


In this video, it seeks to illustrate how new houses are being built and it is a boom in the industry because the profits are up and there are many buyers looking for homes to buy. More that is featured in the video is how the property developers design nice illustrations of their property to entice the home buyers, and also targeting prime locations to put up the properties.


Investing In Real Estate


Real Estate Investment Tips for Beginners


This is a great video for people considering investing in Real Estate or for new Real Estate Investors. It aims at educating those interested but they don’t know where to get the cash to get them started. The video discusses some of the barriers to Real Estate Investing.


Get Rich by Investing in Real Estate


In his video, Jay argues that people should consider investing in real estate because there is a growing demand for houses. He argues that the population is increasing, but the land is not growing and therefore to be a millionaire in real estate is very simple. The secret is in knowing how to get started and buying land in which you can start building property because everyone needs somewhere to live. The bottom line is that he who owns more land will win.


How to earn $1 Million in Real Estate in 4 simple steps


In this video, Monica Carr illustrates how she started earning a lot of money from her wise idea of investing in real estate. She shares how she had a bad life before deciding to go into real estate. She used to borrow money from her parents and her credit card limit was already reached. She didn’t have money to repay her debts and she thought deeply how she could recover. When she got started with real estate, things worked well for her. This is a great video for all Real Estate Investors to watch.


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