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Next Step in Buying a Home: The Home Search

Next Step in Buying a Home: The Home Search

Next Step in Buying a Home: The Home Search

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Now that you have gotten a mortgage pre-approval and know how much you have to spend, it’s time for the “fun” part. It’s time to get out there and check out some houses with your Realtor®.

Some people like to start searching for houses on their own either through an Internet search, looking at classified ads, or visiting public open houses. And there is nothing wrong with that, however, I would absolutely recommend hiring a Realtor® to help you find that dream house of yours. After all, we are talking about a very significant investment and you would definitely want an expert helping you through the process. A Realtor® would know a lot more about the ins and outs of a real estate purchase and is in contact with more people in the industry that could assist you.

And if you don’t know a good Realtor® then you can easily just Search and choose one our PrimoAgents in your area. Because at PrimoAgents, only the top Realtors® are admitted to our network, so you can be sure that each is highly qualified and will be able to meet or exceed your needs and expectations. *

But before you actually go out there and start looking at houses, it is very important that you explain to your Realtor® – in detail – what it is exactly that you are looking for.  You’ve heard the saying “time is money”, and this is especially true in the real estate industry, where properly priced homes often sell quickly and waiting to put in an offer or having little negotiation power can keep you from getting your dream home.  Make sure you have a skilled Realtor® working for you; it doesn’t cost you a penny as the buyer.

Usually, the most important thing for buyers is the location – do you want to live in the suburbs, along the live streets of the downtown core, or a quaint place outside of town? In Real Estate, “the three most important things are: location, location, location”.

Aside from location though, you need to consider which features of a house you prefer: do you want a single detached, a semi, or a townhouse? A bungalow, backsplit, or a typical two-story home? Finished basement? A fixer-upper or turnkey, move in ready home? One with a big backyard or a low maintenance garden?

And, there are also other things to consider aside from just the physical aspects of the home, such as the neighborhood and community feel. If you have children, are the schools nearby and what type of schools are they? If you do not own or plan on using a car often, is there easy access to the public transit? Is it close to a park or a trail to run or walk your dog?  Find out what other amenities are close by and if they meet your needs.

Aside from the wants and don’t wants, it is also very important to know what are the “deal breakers” – things that are must have’s. An example would be a covered garage for your car during the winter; you might fall in love with a place that doesn’t have a garage and then end up suffering because your car would not start anymore. It is good to know these to ensure that you do not compromise in these areas and mistakenly buy something only to realize that you made a mistake.

There is a lot to consider, but it is essential to know what are your must have’s, wants, and don’t wants so that you can effectively find that perfect home that you dream of.  Note though that this will just be a guide for your Realtor®, and not something that will be written in stone. There have been countless instances where someone says they only want a single detached house but falls in love with the larger, newer, luxury townhouse in a better neighborhood.

Remember to be flexible and stay open minded. And try to think with your head before deciding with your heart.

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