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Videos on How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent

Videos on How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent

Videos on How to Become a Top Real Estate Agent

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Here are some recommended YouTube Videos for Real Estate Agents to watch.  Watch the videos to gain tips on how to become a top listing agent and start earning a six figure income.

Become a Super Real Estate Agent Super Agents Live Radio Interview

In this video, the host interviews one of the super agents in the US and he shares with real estate agents the secrets he applies in his sales. He gives a challenging motivational talk and in this talk there is a lot of knowledge that REALTORS® can learn.


The Man Selling Billions in Real Estate | Forbes

In this video Chris Cortazzo, a luxury Real Estate Agent, shares his secrets on how he managed to be the best real estate agent in California. He shares his unique approach and the importance of integrity and reputation. He shares what his first sale was like and why he got motivated to go on with real estate.


How to Become a Top Listing Agent

This video for Real Estate Agents features the secrets of becoming the top listing agent. In the video, Jim a successful top rated real estate agent shares with Borino how his experience was and selling houses. One of the most outstanding experiences that Jim shares is how he had to walk in the streets to make a sale. This was so hard for him until he learnt how to be a successful listing agent. By watching this video you will know how to be a successful listing agent without too much hustle.


How to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

In this video, secrets of being a successful REALTOR® are shared and they will help you as a Real Estate Agent to know how to relate with your clients so that you can many referrals and consequently grow your income into a six-figure amount. This is a short video for Real Estate Agents that gives the key components to a successful business for a REALTOR®.


Sales Pro Shows Celebrity Real Estate Agents How to Negotiate Price

This is a good lesson for Real Estate Agents as it teaches them how to sell a luxury property. In this video for Real Estate Agent, there are several negotiation tricks that a Real Estate Agent can apply to make sure he closes the deal.



How Not to Handle a Customer

This is a video of The Ellen show in which her writer Jamie pretends to be a REALTOR® named Renata and plunks some clients. The video is an illustration of how Real Estate Agents should not handle their clients. While showing the buyers the property, the agent sings a song and receives a phone call from her boyfriend. Her approach when showing the home’s features is very unprofessional.

Wrong Adverts

Ellen shares her experience in real estate listings and her advice to home buyers on some of the mistakes she has seen in listing advertisements.  Advertisements can exaggerate features of the home. Her advice to buyers is that they should first see the house before making a commitment to the sellers. This is a fun video for Real Estate Agents that is also educational.


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