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Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Agents with Top Producer®

Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Agents with Top Producer®

Customer Relationship Management for Real Estate Agents with Top Producer®

In today’s commercial world, it is important to ensure you retain existing customers and expand your business by acquiring and converting new leads. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is extremely important to Real Estate Agents, where there is a lot of competition for the same clients and each sale brings in thousands of dollars of income. It is important that as a modern day REALTOR® you track the real estate customer’s behavior and connect on a regular basis with them.

As much as this might seem to be an easy task, it is important to acknowledge that it is inevitable to have a Customer Relationship Management System for Real Estate Business. All successful Real Estate Agents have systems in place to ensure a continuous stream of business. Ideally, Real Estate Agents use a CRM that is designed specifically for them, like the CRM offered by Top Producer®.

Top Producer® CRM is a top provider of marketing and lead generation system that is used by real estate professionals. The system is currently the best in North America and offers a full solution for real estate customer’s relationship management. The company has experience for over two decades offering top solutions to the customers. For unparalleled customer service and important technical support, this is the best CRM for REALTORS®. The product is operated by Move Inc. which is a subsidiary of News Corp a leading online real estate services provider. So what are some of the special services professionals in real estate management can get from this CRM? Let’s see.

Manage Your Real Estate Business on the Go

Top Producer® offers you a solution that is specific to real estate management and it is web-based. The solution is served through a cloud-based link and therefore you can access your records from wherever you are. You can easily access the records through your smartphone and tablets as there is an app meant for mobile access. Furthermore, you will be able to read your emails from your preferred email services provider as the Top Producer® CRM for Real Estate management has Outlook and Gmail synchronization. The CRM offers unlimited support to ensure you are not stuck in any way. Being compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, you can use any device within your reach to manage your business anytime.

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Fully Automated Real Estate Management

With automated real estate management, it means that you can accelerate your success because you are able to optimize responses to your leads. Therefore, you are able to catch new leads even before your competition does. You are also able to send and manage follow-ups automatically as at and when needed optimizing your chances of getting new business. Further, through automated management, you can offer unparalleled market data to local and foreign clients which makes you a preferred source of information.

Your current and prospective clients can learn about price reductions, get notifications whenever you have new listings, and also auto updates on sold properties. Top Producer® CRM allows Real Estate Agents to simultaneously and effortlessly manage calls, schedule appointments and follow up emails automatically. One of the reasons why you should acquire this top real estate CRM is the capability to automate your operations. If you are looking for a solution that will fully automate your real estate customer management, then Top Producer® is all you have been looking for.

Best Reporting and Market Research Tool for REALTORS®

There are a number of reports that REALTORS® need to generate on a daily basis. To begin with, continuous monitoring of the local market is needed. With Top Producer® real estate agents can highlight the current trends in their local real estate market. This includes being able to produce detailed reports on recent listings and also changes in property prices.

Further, this report can be automatically sent to subscribers. This means that your prospect clients, current and past clients will always be updated with most recent happenings in your market. Even better, you will get intelligence to know when your prospects receive and read reports sent from the system. The reports are seamlessly integrated into the follow-up system which makes it simpler for REALTORS® to automate their campaigns. REALTORS® who are using Top Producer® CRM can give their clients and teams accurate and real-time reports. This allows you to give the clients the right insights when they are looking for market information. Your sales team will also rely on automatic reports produced to educate their clients on current market trends enabling you to offer unparalleled support.

Better Marketing Tools

Top Producer® CRM offers REALTORS® over 500 email and letter templates. The templates make it easy to pitch a marketing letter or email to prospects, current and past clients. Also, you have access to a library of postcards which can be directly printed from the Top Producer® CRM. This means you can send out marketing resources instantly without having to rely on other postcard service providers. You can send mass marketing emails to prospects which makes your marketing easier. For easier real estate marketing, you have the ability to categorize contacts into groups and sales pipelines.

Third Party Integration

Top Producer is ready to integrate with MLS which is important for importing listings and creating presentations. This is a crucial capability that REALTORS® rely on to make informed decisions. The system also integrates with which is critical for receiving leads from your listing. Therefore, you can monitor your campaigns to make sure you don’t miss on any potential lead. Lastly, the ability to connect to Facebook and Twitter, the leading social media marketing platforms, gives you a competitive edge.

The Top Producer® CRM is the best solution for Real Estate Agents to track and connect with prospects and clients. With features like lead intelligence, which lets you see when clients view your reports, you can easily follow up to make sure there are no lost opportunities. Drip marketing and local market data are some of the additional benefits of taking advantage of this solution.

Here are some links to information sheets on Top Producer Products:

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