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Curb Appeal: Trim and Hardware

Curb Appeal: Trim and Hardware

Curb Appeal: Trim and Hardware

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Curb Appeal is an ongoing series to help buyers and sellers learn more about how to make the exterior of their property more marketable.

Now that your home looks fresh with its new paint job, and you’ve got the adrenaline going and that I can do it! feeling, what’s next you ask? A good investment would be to update the trims and hardware of your house’s exterior, specifically:

  • Door Hardware
  • House Number
  • Wall-Mounted Mailbox
  • Accent Trimmings
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Window Shutters

Door Hardware

Firstly, to many prospective buyers, the door handle represents a lot. It is usually their first contact with their potential “future home” – again, the first impression. So why not make it a memorable experience for them: a positive experience can only help improve your chances of sale.

This is probably one of the more easy projects, which you could definitely do yourself. Also, damage control to your wallet is completely up to you. There are many possible choices out there with front door kits ranging from $20 to $200.

House Number and Wall-Mounted Mailbox

Aside from just the front door hardware, there are other things that you could add or update. Another simple one you could do is replace those old or plain builder house numbers that do not have any character. It is a way of showing that this is not only a house but indeed a home. Also, a unique or custom wall-mounted mailbox for flyers adds personality and without getting too personal. All you need to do is a couple of quick turns of the screwdriver and you’re all set.

Accent Trim

Next, most houses generally have decorative trim around them, usually made of wood, and these are always the first to go. While I was painting houses last summer, these were commonly rotting and while some were restorable, most were usually just replaced.

Image by: Nathaniel Robertson

If and when you are replacing these, a good alternative would be either aluminum or vinyl trim, as these will last longer and will require much less maintenance in the long run. Or if your house doesn’t have any trim, or could you feel could use some more, try installing them, as these are very appealing to the eye.

Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are a little more tricky as these are installed to withstand the punishments of nature. You might need some more specific tools and an extension ladder but it’s still not rocket science. This may require some assistance though as these are not light and are positioned relatively high up. You could also easily just hire a professional to do this if you’re not too comfortable with heights, since it is not too costly either.

Window Shutters

Lastly, if your house has “decorative” window shutters, and are not necessarily in top shape, consider either replacing them with plastic shutters or just removing them altogether. More and more homeowners are moving towards just removing these, as some tend to make houses look more dated. And if you are leaning towards a more contemporary feel, this is a quick and easy option. Remember though, that this is totally dependent on the look of your house and neighborhood.

Wrapping up, whichever trim and hardware you end up fixing, always remember what the key is: to make sure that these match and work collectively with the general outlook of your house.

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