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7 Real Estate Agents to Follow on Instagram Right Now

7 Real Estate Agents to Follow on Instagram Right Now

7 Real Estate Agents to Follow on Instagram Right Now

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Released in 2010, Instagram has quickly grown into a massive social media platform. Did you know that Instagram attracts 1 billion monthly users and over 500 million daily active users?


These numbers show why every forward-thinking real estate agent should be on Instagram.  Ideally, Instagram is good digital marketing platform for real estate agents


A search of #realestate indicates that there are over 19 million posts that are tagged to it. This shows that a good percentage of the daily Instagram users are following the real estate industry.


What does this mean for Real Estate Agents?


It is an indication that introducing Instagram marketing to your Real Estate sales and marketing strategy comes with the potential for earning new business. For the real estate agents who aren’t on Instagram yet, creating an Instagram account is simple.


Once you open an Instagram account for real estate, you need to grow your following and followers.


A simple trick for growing your Instagram following is following the “right people” and looking at what they are posting for inspiration for your posts. This basically refers to the leading industry players.


In this article, we feature 7 real estate agents to follow on Instagram right now. Keep reading to find out who they are, what they do and why you should follow them.


  1. Fredrik Eklund @fredrikeklundny 1.1 Million Followers


Born in Stockholm Sweden, Fredrik Eklund is a real estate broker based in New York City. Since his arrival to New York City in 2003, Fredrik ventured into the real estate industry with a desire to excel and he is currently among the list of top rated real estate brokers.

He has sold luxurious penthouse apartments in Manhattan and also sold to many Hollywood based music industry giants. He owns a real estate company and has achieved over five billion dollars in closed residential sales.


Fredrik shares posts that focus on the real estate industry with some posts beings his listed properties. Being a real estate celebrity with a million followers, Fredrik also likes to share a peek of his lifestyle on Instagram.


By following him, you will also have an aspiration to become a celebrity as you also feel motivated to advertise your listings.


  1. Ryan Serhant: @ryanserhant 1 million Followers


Ryan is an American real estate broker and a star on Bravo million dollar listing New York. Born in Houston Texas, Ryan is a reality television star and a licensed associate real estate broker.


He leads the most successful team of real estate brokers in Manhattan commonly referred to as the Serhant team.


Ryan ventured into real estate business for the first time in 2008 when the industry was slowly recovering. Since then, he has continued to grow becoming an industry leader.


His team was in June 2018 named as the #1 for Manhattan closed sales while in Brooklyn his team scooped the fifth position.


On his Instagram, he shares the features listings and also clips from his YouTube Vlog. He has also posted his photos while on vacation and others with his family members and also friends. Follow Ryan to learn from his videos and also to read his motivational postings on Instagram.


  1. Josh Altman @thejoshaltman 500K Followers


Featured on Bravo million-dollar listing New York along with Ryan, Josh is an LA Realtor and also a motivational speaker. A real estate investor and also a reality TV personality, Josh loves to travel around the US as well.


He has authored several books including the Million-Dollar Negotiating Tactics From Americas Top Selling Real Estate Agent. He also features in Television shows like Million Dollar Listing LA.


Josh likes to share photos of his personal life, and also some of his listings. Follow him to feel like part of his real estate firm and also enjoy motivation from his personal life.



  1. Chad Carroll @chadcarroll 535K Followers


Labeled as the “Power Broker” in every sense, Chad is also featured as one of the Bravo`s million dollars Listing Miami and a top real estate broker in South Florida, New York, LA, and Aspen.


Chad comes with a wealth of experience in various disciplines including finance, negotiations, and contracts, not forgetting his real estate industry experience.


He is a frequent contributor in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. He prides himself as an extraordinary powerhouse of real estate professionals who understand the importance of going the distance.


Chad shares beautiful listings and also nature photos. The scenic images he shares on his Instagram account are worthy your follow.


  1. Barbara Corcoran @barbaracorcoran 464K Followers


A New York City Real Estate Queen and the founder of a New York residential brokerage firm The Corcoran Group.


Barbara is an investor who understands that taking chances almost makes happy endings. She has invested in over twenty businesses being an investor in the ABC`s TV show.


She shares photos of her personal life on Instagram and advice to her followers. Follow Barbara to feel motivated to close that deal as you watch her podcasts.


  1. Kevin Vaughan @kevin.vaughan 79K Followers


He is a top real estate agent and Miami`s luxury real estate professional. Through hard work and great passion, Kevin has seen his career as a real estate agent grow.


Kevin is a founder of The Luxury Life, a private social club and also a founder of the KV project which is a charitable organization. Since 2011, he has been selling luxury real estate.


He shares photos of luxury real estate. Mostly, his postings are luxuriously embodied. Follow him to his postings of luxurious homes and funny captions.


  1. Madison Hildebrand @madisonmalibu 100k Followers


He is another luxury real estate agent and also is a CEO at the Malibu Life INC. Malibu Life is a full-service luxury real estate brokerage. He is also featured along with the Hollywood Reporter`s Top 25 LA agents.


Madison is a original cast member of the Bravo TV`s hit reality show Million Dollar Listing LA and a regular contributing host to the E! news.


Madison shares the LA house listings and also his personal life. He is also humorous but shares clean and simple posts. Follow him to see his house listings.


Do you have an active Instagram account, follow the above top 7 Real estate agents on Instagram to see find out their top secrets to success as shared on their accounts. Also, checkout How Real Estate Agents Can Use Instagram to Generate Leads.


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