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Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2020

Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2020

Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2020
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Are you looking for real estate marketing ideas to help you achieve more listings and conversions? 

The real estate market is becoming highly charged and competitive. Real estate agents will need to put more efforts when it comes to choosing the best real estate marketing ideas.

This is in order to achieve more open house events and send direct mail to potential buyers.  To become a top rated real estate agent in town, you will need to become a strategic marketer. This involves implementing the best real estate marketing ideas. 

As you strive to market client’s properties, you also need to keep ramping up real estate marketing efforts in order to keep building your brand, securing new real estate leads and keep closing high value real estate deals.

Therefore, it is imperative you look for new real estate marketing ideas to make you a lead competitor in real estate industry this year.

In this post, we evaluate some important tactics to include in your real estate marketing plan.

1.    Observe the Real Estate Website Best Practices

To start attracting new leads and build your contacts database, it is important that you set up a nice real estate website. Include custom landing pages and ensure the website design stands out.

A report by the National Association of Realtors shows that MLS websites and applications are among the most valuable technology marketing tools. Therefore, real estate agents need to make use of the valuable technology based marketing tools in order to keep generating high quality leads for their real estate business.

Therefore, practice the following tactics in order to make sure that your website stands out:

  • Ensure a eye-catching website layout and design
  • The website should be mobile friendly and easy to navigate
  • Include an IDX-optimized search bar on-site
  • Include high-quality professional images, video and infographics
  • Ensure attractive and outstanding property descriptions
  • Include SEO marketing strategies for real estate agents

2.    Create Multiple Landing Pages

Using a single landing page for all your lead generation tactics is no longer the best approach. Therefore, it is wise to have multiple landing pages. In that regard, include:

  • A home value landing page:- Create this page in order to allow web visitors to look up the property value. Therefore, upon landing to this page, the web visitor is asked to provide their contact information in order to receive their estimates. This is a nice strategy in order to keep attracting traffic.
  • A free Content Landing Page: create a landing page that provides visitors with free content. this could be an E-book, PDF copy or other content that might attract web visitors to provide their contact details
  • Create a Home Search Landing Page: A home search landing page is meant to allow your web visitors to search new homes within your area.

Therefore, remember that web visitors have a short attention span, and so you need to keep the content short and straight to the point.

3. Leverage the power of social media

Today, potential buyers will search for homes to buy online. Therefore, social media and online marketing provide a valuable combination for real estate agents. There are different social media platforms where you will find potential buyers. to elevate your social media marketing efforts, here are some good ideas:

Include social media sharing in your web content so that web visitors can share and tag their friends

  • Enable reviews and ratings on your social media platforms
  • Make use of live streaming in order to give behind the scenes look of the property
  • Include a Facebook Messenger Chatbot or a similar service that can handle FAQs
  • Use hashtags on all social media postings

Therefore, your goal is to spark interest and engage your social media audience. Encourage them to click on the links and images to take them directly to your real estate website.

4. Make use of Real Estate Listings Websites

When it comes to digital marketing for real estate agents, having an online presence is not enough. You need to be where other real estate agents are. Therefore, make use of websites that provide real estate listings. Examples include Zillow and Trulia, which have become the largest real estate search engines for online property buyers and sellers.

5. Obtain Professional Memberships

The best approach for real estate agents to network id becoming a member of professional associations. You may choose to join your local association of real estate agents or even the national Association Realtors.

Local associations provide extra value helping real estate agents to become valuable professionals.

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Therefore, the above real estate markting ideas should help you when strategizing your marketing plans.

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